So predictable: Yahoo News declares Castro ration book a “symbol of equality”

Massah’s gotta feed dem slaves o’ his …

Yeah, sure, the ration book — La libreta –makes all Cubans equal, sure, you betcha…

WRONG.  The myth of “equality” is one of the biggest lies promoted by the Castro regime.  Cubans are only equal in their misery and slavery…

The oligarchs can get as much stuff as they want.

Those who run the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution get more stuff than their neighbors.

Everyone who is clever enough to “solve their problems” — that is, to cheat — knows how to get a little more than their neighbors.

The Yahoo article repeats two other huge Castro lies.

1. It says that shortages were caused by the U.S. “Embargo” in 1963.

WRONG. Goods started disappearing off store shelves as soon as Fidel, Raul, and Che took control of the Cuban economy and rapidly destroyed it. It was the seizure of all property and all businesses that killed food production in Cuba.  I remember standing in line as early as 1961, waiting for simple staples like rice and eggs.  And by the time I left in April 1962, the few stores that still existed had bare shelves.

2. It says that the ration book gives Cubans all that they need to survive at a “discount.”

WRONG. The food allocations in the ration book are not enough to survive. Everyone has to scramble to get more, and there has always been a thriving black market. Plus, there is no “discount.” The Castro regime sets prices artificially, with no connection to supply and demand. In addition, the Castro regime pays everyone a miserly “salary” that is pegged to bare subsistence levels.

Deep discount

And… one more thing: The ration book is a perfect means of controlling 99% of the Cuban people, of keeping them dependent on the Castro regime. It is an instrument of totalitarian control.

The Castronoids admit this, in their usual obnoxious way.  Take a look at the last image in this post.  What does it say on the cover of the ration book?

Control de ventas para productos alimenticios” (Control of sales for food products).   And who controls the ration books?  The neighborhood spies and snitches at the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution.

Aaaah, yes… what did Saul Alinsky and Barack Obama call this?  Oh, yeah: community organizing…

As my uncle Mario once told me: “If you have to spend all of your free time trying to find enough to eat, you have no time left for protesting or for political activities.”

So, if you want to see how Castro propaganda is still being broadcast by the U.S. news media, read the article below.

Here are some excerpts:

Cuba’s ration book: symbol of equality, but huge burden on state

In 1963, Cuba started feeling the pinch from the US sanctions imposed after the revolutionary new regime confiscated US property on the island as part of its sweeping reform program.

As shortages set in, the revolutionary leaders launched a program to supply food to every home on the island: the “libreta” was born.

Since then, every household has received a basic package of food each month for a fraction of its actual market value. The Cuban government spends a billion of dollars every year providing this lifeline to its 11.2 million people….

Liberation theology at work

Everyone eats…

Esther Rodriguez and her husband raise pigs and grow mangoes in El Caney in Cuba’s Oriente mountains. The state buys most of what they produce and in a good year they earn around $125.

Esther, 61, has a ration book for four people, but she now only has two mouths to feed since her children have grown up and left home. The ration book “was the best thing they ever did, because everyone gets to eat. If they get rid of it, there’ll be problems.”

Keeping the libreta only for the most needy “would split the country in two again,” she said. “And Cuba is a whole, it’s everyone or no one.”

Read the whole thing HERE...

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  1. The tradition of American media, in effect, working for Castro, Inc. goes back to before 1959 and includes leading members of that establishment, with the New York Times as the prototype. The practice is so entrenched and pervasive that it registers as normal and is deemed perfectly appropriate. Perhaps, early on, it might have been relatively innocent, at least in some cases, but that ceased being plausible long ago, and by now it can only be reasonably explained as hijeputez, barring frank idiocy or mental retardation.

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