King Raul says “basta!”, refuses to issue new self-employed licenses

No more licenses for you!

From our Irate Monarchs Bureau:

Well, you knew this was coming….

King Raul is furious with cuentapropistas who are successfully hiding their income from him and refusing him his pound of flesh, that is, the lion’s share of their profits.

The octogenarian monarch has decreed that henceforth no Cuban can obtain a license to run a self-employed business, and that no new licenses will be issued until “the perfection of self-employment has been achieved.”

Translation of “perfection” from Castrobabble: Perfection in self-employment will be reached when the monarchy is able to successfully tax each and every self-employed Cuban at a rate of at least 90% of all profits.

Greedy Cuban cuentapropista

Yes, Mildred, that’s what King Raul is saying…

He’s also miffed that some greedy, uppity Cubans have figured out how to run more than one business by tricking his minions with devious stratagems of all sorts.

In other words, he is angry that some of his slaves are actually earning more than he thinks they should earn and that they are not forking over their profits to him.

You see, Mildred, this is what the “new” Cuba is all about: making sure that all Cubans earn only $30 dollars a month while they generate more income for Castro, Inc. than it is able to generate for itself.

You get that?  Hope so.  Maybe the New York Times and the usual suspects will get it too.

Cheating hypocrite

From Granma Euro-Lite (Reuters)

Communist-run Cuba said on Tuesday it was suspending issuing new licenses for certain private-sector activities from bed-and-breakfasts to restaurants until it had implemented new measures to curb wrongdoing such as tax evasion.

The move marked a pause in Cuba’s seven-year old push to expand self-employment in a bid to cut the bloated state payroll and boost the ailing, Soviet-style economy, and will come as a blow for many Cubans hoping to strike off on their own.

It also hints at unease among some in the ruling Cuban Communist Party that free market reforms may have gone too far, amid a broader debate about rising inequality on the island. The average state monthly wage is $30, the same sum a BnB owner can charge visitors for a night’s stay.

“The regulation states that new authorizations for a group of activities will not be given until the perfection of self-employment has been achieved,” the party newspaper Granma wrote.

Future Cuban billionaire

According to a resolution published on Tuesday in the Official Gazette, the government has temporarily suspended licenses for those wanting to rent their homes, open a restaurant or cafe, or provide construction services.

Also affected are would-be music or language teachers, party organizers and a handful of other professions.

Cuba will also definitively no longer be issuing licenses for wholesale and retail sellers of agricultural goods, vendors of CDs or DVDs, and operators of recreation equipment, according to the gazette.

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License? We don’t need no stinkin’ license, honey…

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  1. So Cuba, already thoroughly degraded and debased, possibly beyond repair, now can’t even aspire to be a country of street vendors and small-time hustlers. Really, it’s beyond pathetic. I suppose the only reason it’s not a total disaster like Venezuela is that Cubans are not Latrines, at least not fully. Lord, the shame.

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