Trump’s Cuba policy reverses Obama’s shameful surrender to the apartheid Castro dictatorship

Although it was in place for only two short years, there was no doubt left that Obama’s Cuba policy was a complete and utter failure. In fact, this shameful policy was so bad that from the very beginning, when Obama effectively surrendered to the Cuban dictatorship, it became painfully obvious that it was doomed to fail.

No amount of revisionism, wishful thinking, or claims of “good intentions” will change the fact that Obama embraced a brutally repressive apartheid dictatorship and abandoned Cuba’s brave and courageous dissidents. Thankfully, President Trump’s Cuba policy puts an end to Obama’s obsequious approach and once again offers the Cuban people the glimmer of hope that perhaps one day soon they rid themselves of tyranny.

Adolfo Franco in The Hill:

Trump will reverse Obama’s dreadful Cuban appeasement

The recent op-ed by former Obama administration official Mark Feierstein underscores the moral failure of the previous administration and its misguided appeasement policy regarding Cuba.

As Feierstein’s piece makes clear, that policy was devoid of any support or concern for Cuba’s long-suffering dissidents and pro-democracy advocates, the majority of whom have endorsed President Trump’s rollback of Obama policies and applaud the president’s restatement of the importance of the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba.

The conditions President Trump has laid out for improving relations with the Castro regime are simple: Cuba must hold free elections, allow freedom of speech, release its many political prisoners and end its support of terrorists.

The Obama administration’s abandonment of these core principles of freedom — as well as the Cuban people themselves — in favor of accommodation with a brutal, repressive dictatorship is the tragic result of Obama’s ill-considered “legacy-building” in the late stages of his presidency. The argument that “commercial and people-to-people” exchanges, all of which are on Cuba’s terms, can bring about change and democracy on the island is ludicrous.

Freedom and democracy triumphed in Eastern Europe because of America’s and the West’s unwavering support of dissident and civil-society movements, such as those inspired and led by Lech Walesa in Poland and Vaclav Havel of Czechoslovakia.

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  1. Obama did what he wanted to do, just like Fidel did what he wanted to do. The only real intention in both cases was to serve the desires and purposes of the perpetrator. The consequences to other people were simply moot or beside the point. Hijeputez is only interested in getting its way, period.

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