El Maleconazo Protest: 23 years later, Cuba remains in the shackles of the same oppressive dictatorship



It was 23 years ago today, on August 5th, 1994, when thousands of Cubans took to the streets in protest of the misery and oppression they were forced to live in by the regime of the tyrannical and despotic Castro brothers. On that day, the Castro dictatorship came dangerously close to losing control and power, but the repressive forces of the regime managed to violently take back control of the streets and quell the uprising.

Twenty-three years after El Maleconazo the exact same oppressive and corrupt regime remains in total and complete power in Cuba. The misery and oppression on the island today is not much different from what existed back in 1994. The violent repression continues and the imprisonment, torture, and even murder of innocent, peaceful dissidents has not ceased.

1 thought on “El Maleconazo Protest: 23 years later, Cuba remains in the shackles of the same oppressive dictatorship”

  1. Alas, for practical purposes, the maleconazo accomplished nothing concrete, except to make the regime beef up its repressive apparatus and contingency planning. The outside world barely noticed, and cared even less. Perhaps, back in 1994, somebody like Reagan in his prime would have capitalized on the revolt, but obviously Vil Clinton wasn’t going to do a damn thing about it. At this point, I’m not sure even something as dramatic as the current Venezuelan situation would get the usual suspects to “open their eyes,” especially given how little attention they’re paying to Castrogonia’s crucial and central role in the Venezuelan disaster. The whole Cuba business is just an olla podrida. Talk about depressing.

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