Was there an attempted military uprising in Venezuela or was this a stunt by Cuba’s puppet dictatorship?

Screenshot from video released by Venezuelan military personnel claiming responsibility for “military uprising.”

Cuba’s Castro dictatorship is known for running false flag operations in order to root out individuals and groups who are not loyal to the regime and can potentially challenge its iron-fisted grip on power. Considering all the inconsistencies in yesterday’s reported military uprising in Venezuela and the fact that the country is being run out of Havana, this may very well be the case.

Daniel Duquenal reports from Venezuela via Venezuela News and Views:

A military uprising?

So, instead of writing about substantial things like the fraud constituent assembly deciding that it will be in office for the next two years, taking as its first “measure” the removal from office of the general prosecutor Luisa Ortega and announcing that next week they will set up the inquisition truth commission I have to discuss what was either a failed coup or a stunt show. Your choice, not mine because under no circumstance will I support the Venezuelan corrupt army. Or anything that comes out of it.

What happened this morning in Valencia was suspicious from the start. I learned about it sipping my first cup of coffee and within minutes I was posting that; and assuring the dear reader that under no moment did I got the little bit nervous. It takes me more than that now to get nervous in Venezuela.

It is 1PM+ , 5 hours later, and it smells fishier, too convenient for the regime, though it also seems that there may be other problems. For example, how come the only “personality” of the regime talking as if he were in charge was Diosdado Cabello, technically today a mere representative at the constituent assembly?  At 8 AM and neither Maduro nor defense minister Padrino were on the air reassuring the populace?

In other words, it is not the set up show that is interesting, it is who ordered it.

Let me resume things: the Venezuelan army is deeply corrupt, deeply incompetent, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, ALREADY IN CONTROL OF THE COUNTRY.

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