British politician laments the deaths of Maduro’s armed thugs

Number One British Chavista

From our Loathsome People Bureau

Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini had a lot of fans in Britain for a long time, and so did Uncle Joe Stalin.

Che, of course, has his many British fans, as does Fidel.

Now it’s Maduro’s turn to join that exclusive club: Murdering Tyrants Who Have Admirers.

And one of his biggest fans just happens to be the leader of the British Labor Party.

He was a great admirer of Hugo Chavez too, when that Castronoid was alive.

Read it and barf….

From PanAm Post:

Best Friends Forever

The main leader of the British Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, a longtime supporter of Chavismo in Venezuela, has issued a statement condemning Venezuelan demonstrators and lamenting the alleged martyred “security forces who have been killed by people on the streets.”

“I am very saddened by the lives that have been lost in Venezuela,” said the British leader.

Corbyn also said that he condemned “the violence perpetrated by either party, by all parties”; however, when he was questioned whether or not he condemned Maduro‘s actions, the main leader of the Labor Party avoided criticizing the authoritarian regime.

For Corbyn, the solution to the crisis in Venezuela is “a dialogue and a process that respects the independence of the judiciary and respects the human rights of all.” This, despite repeated evidence that such talks have not yielded results.

The British leftist leader has even congratulated the dictator of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, for the National Constituent Assembly, an official initiative that has been carried with the aim of invalidating the nation’s opposition-controlled National Assembly, and doing away with democratic institutions, further cementing Maduro’s absolute power.

Despite a widespread popular uprising, that has been violently repressed by state security forces, causing more than 120 deaths, Corbyn appears to place ideological affinity with his socialist comrade Maduro over human rights considerations, even though virtually the entire international community has aligned to reject Maduro’s power grab.

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  1. Don’t blame Corbyn. Blame anyone who could possibly support such a person. He’s still a politician, meaning he would never make such public statements if he thought it was too politically risky, and I expect he knows his target audience. Lord, the nausea.

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