Another surprise! New York Times puts its usual spin on “acoustic attacks” in Cuba

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Again, yes, but with a familiar twist this time around.

El Niuyortain (New York Times) is at it again, as usual, “balancing” its reporting on the latest hot news from the Castro Kingdom.

Their headline says it all: ‘Health Attacks’ on U.S. Diplomats in Cuba Baffle Both Countries.

Yes, of course, BOTH countries are baffled.  Sure, who would ever dream of the Castro regime being behind this bizarre attack on American and Canadian diplomats?

El Niuyortain says that the acoustic attack has “baffled even the most senior Cuba experts, who wondered whether a rogue element of Cuban intelligence intent on ending President Barack Obama’s reconciliation efforts had pulled off an unauthorized caper, or, more likely, whether a new kind of eavesdropping technology went awry.”

So, who is the first “senior Cuba expert” cited?  None other than hyper-leftist Peter Kornbluh, the deeply Obamanoid and Castrophilic co-author of “Back Channel to Cuba: The Hidden History of Negotiations Between Washington and Havana.”

Senior Cuba expert Kornbluh

Want to know more about makes Kornbluh a quotable “senior Cuba expert”?  Take a look at his profile and bibliography.

Then they do what they do best, spin, spin, spin with apparent even-handedness: they back up their Castrophile’s opinion by selectively quoting a stalwart anti-Castro expert, James Cason,  former mayor of Coral Gables, who served as the de facto American ambassador in Castrogonia during the Dubya Bush administration.

What do they say that Cason thinks about this?

“Sounds like a science experiment.”

Yes, of course.  Just a “science experiment” in which the Castro regime played no part.  Something silly that went awry and doesn’t represent the truly sinister nature of the Castro regime.

God only knows what else James Cason said that El Niuyortain chose not to quote.

Then, presto-chango, abracadabra, they pull another “senior Cuba expert” out of their hat to further prove that the Castro regime is truly baffled, horribly baffled and embarrassed by this weird little scandal (which is not very “little” at all).

Who is their second “senior Cuba expert”?  None other than William M. LeoGrande, the other Obamanoid Castrophile co-author of “Back Channel To Cuba.” 

Want to know more about LeoGrande’s leftist leanings, his fondness for the Castro regime and his loathing for Cuban exiles? Just read his recent screed against the Trumpinator’s tweaking of the Normalization Circus, which he considers an awfully wrong step taken merely to placate Cuban exiles in Miami.  (Never mind the fact that many of them think that Trump’s tweaking is meek, superficial, and useless).

Senior Cuba experts LeoGrande & Kornbluth

LeoGrande, identified as a genuine senior Cuba expert and “a professor at American University” is quoted as saying:  “Cuba has very good relations with them [the American diplomats], so it doesn’t make sense for them to have been a target of something intentionally designed to injure, even if it was a rogue operation….None of the existing speculations make any sense to me.”

No, of course not.  How could “existing speculations” make sense, when the Castro regime is so interested in fostering good relations with the United States, and when such “speculations” come from the Trump administration and those stupid, evil anti-Castro Cuban exiles?

What do those exiles really know about the Castro regime, anyway?  Bastards.  They should all shut up and go away, maybe to the Falkland Islands.

Yes, that would be a great place for all two million of them.  They speak English there, so their exilic progeny wouldn’t have much trouble assimilating. And aren’t the Falklands kind of close to Argentina?  And isn’t Argentina also a Lateeen-oh nation?

Not satisfied with quotes from two Obamanoid Castrophile “Cuba experts,” el Niuyortain then brings in a functionary of the Obama administration: John Caulfield, Obama’s de facto ambassador in Havana from 2011 to 2014, who was there on the scene as the many tents of the Normalization Circus were being set up.

Caulfield is quoted as saying: “My speculation is that it was a surveillance effort that went bad.”


Former “ambassador” John Caulfield

There you go… yes, of course… nothing but “surveillance” that went awry.  Meaningless.  A silly accident of sorts.

Then, since three Obamanoids are not enough, el Niuyortain drags out a fourth, Mark Feierstein, identified as “a former senior adviser at the National Security Council.”

What El Niuyortain does not tell you is which president Mr. Feirstein served.  No, that would give away their game.  He is just a “former NSC adviser”.

Sure… that’s all…  Well, take a look at what the web site for Mr. Feirstein’s current employer — The Center for Strategic and International Studies — has to say about him:

“In the Obama administration, he served at the White House as special assistant to the president and senior director for Western Hemisphere affairs. In that capacity, he helped implement the president’s normalization policy toward Cuba and orchestrate the president’s trips to Cuba and Argentina, oversaw the development of the president’s Peace Colombia initiative.”

Senior Cuba expert Feierstein

Deep-dish Obamanoid and Normalization Circus Ringmaster Feierstein puts the fiercest spin of all on this story at the behest of El Niuyortain, in stealth mode, his true identity cleverly disguised.  He is quoted as saying:

“The fact that President Trump did not tear up the Obama administration’s Cuba policy demonstrated that even the Trump administration did not believe that Cuban senior officials were responsible. In June, Mr. Trump curtailed a few minor Cuba policy rules, but left the majority of Mr. Obama’s measures intact.”

Yes, of course, even the Trumpinator knows that this is a silly prank by someone unconnected to the Castro regime.  Totally juvenile hijinks, kind of like teenagers smashing mailboxes in the suburbs, out of sheer boredom.


But that’s not all.  El Niuyortain saves the best for last: the ultimate Cuba expert, Benjamin J. Rhodes, the architect of Obama’s Great Capitulation and Massive Give-Away to the Castro regime.

Yes, the man who gave shape to the Normalization Circus.

Senior Cuba experts Obama and Rhodes

And what does he have to say about the “acoustic attack” incident?

He thinks it is “inconceivable that Cuba would intentionally physically harm American diplomats.”

Wow… now I’m really convinced that the Castro regime had absolutely nothing to do with any of this.

“It just doesn’t strike me as something the Cuban government would do,” Mr. Rhodes said. “They’ve been pragmatic about Trump.”

Yes, yes, yes!  Wow.  Such spin deserves a prize of some sort, but, of course, no such prize exists.

Wow.  By the end of this great example of hyper-balanced reporting, the reader comes away convinced that the Castro regime is truly baffled by this incident.

If Trump KNOWS that the Castro regime had nothing to do with the acoustic attack, and the Castro regime is PRAGMATIC about Trump, then how could this incident be anything other than a fluke of some sort, attributable only to hijinks of one sort of another, or to “de-stabilizing” elements within Castrogonia, or in Miami?

Santa Mierda de los perros de San Lazaro….

At least they quoted James Cason once, and chose “senior Cuba experts” other than Julia Sweig, Phil Peters, and Arturo “Lopez-Levy.”

That’s BALANCE for you, Niuyortain style …. A clear and convincing reaffirmation of the “objectivity” of everything you already think and believe about the world from your leftist perspective.  And this will provide all the requisite talking points to any conversation about Cuba that takes place among America’s self-anointed thinking class over the next few days.

Trust someone who knows first-hand, and keeps track of how many conversations among America’s leading intellectuals begin with the lead-in: ‘Did you read that piece in the Times about X,Y,Z…?”

As fundamentalist Christians have their King James Bible, America’s intellectuals have their New York Times.

Sacred scriptures, both.

Misere mei, Domine, Cubanus sum.

Read this latest masterpiece from El Niuyortain HERE.

Mr. Castro –the greatest of all “Cuba experts” –visits NYT 1995
Ay Mami, how I love this newspaper… and all those experts!


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  1. It only takes one look at Kornbluff and PeoGrande to see they’re thoroughly steeped in Cuban-ness, uncompromised and trustworthy–as opposed to one of “those people” like, say, Jaime Suchlicki of that retrograde institute for Cuban studies that the University of Miami has finally gutted, not to mention those insufferable Cuban-American congressmen like Rubio and Menendez.

    Well, I suppose the NYT can’t help itself, and more to the point, doesn’t even have to try. It is a classic example of enshrined perversity–I’d say enshrined malice, but malice implies consciousness of evil intent, and the NYT may be too twisted, self-satisfied and “validated” by leftist “intellectuals” to see that clearly. Lord, the contempt.

  2. Kornbluff could hardly look more like a con artist if he tried; he reminds me of Captain Lou Albano. As for PeoGrande, can you imagine him getting absolutely anywhere as an expert on African-American affairs, especially if he deviated one iota from “hardliners” in the black community? It’s really beyond insulting–way beyond, but so what else is new?

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