Yet Another Surprise! Castro sonic attack also affected Canadian diplomat’s family

Canadian embassy in Havana

From our Castronoid Hijinks Bureau

As it turns out, that Canadian diplomat mentioned a couple of days ago was not the only staff member at the Canadian embassy who suffered a mysterious loss of hearing.

His whole family was hit by the sonic attack too.

This fact suggests that the mysterious subsonic or ultrasonic waves were aimed at residences rather than at the embassy, at least in the case of this Canadian family.

Castrophiles everywhere have been lightning-quick in assigning blame to everyone except the Castro regime: “rogue elements” within the Castro regime, agents of other nations, Cuban dissidents, Cuban exiles, and so on.

What all of these Castrophiles ignore is the most obvious fact: the Castro regime controls everything and everyone in Cuba.

If the individuals who planted these sonic devices are hard to identify it’s because — much like the sonic devices — the Castro regime has ensured that they can’t ever be detected.

From Gears of Biz

The family of the Canadian diplomat was also affected and received treatment, Global Affairs Canada said in a statement.

 “We are aware of unusual symptoms affecting Canadian and U.S. diplomatic personnel and their families in Havana,” Brianne Maxwell, a digital communications advisor with Global Affairs Canada, told Canadian media. “The government is actively working – including with U.S. and Cuban authorities – to ascertain the cause.”

She added that officials did not believe tourists would be exposed to risk.

“At this time, we do not have any reason to believe Canadian tourists and other visitors could be affected,” Maxwell said.

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  1. Oh, nothing would stop Canadian tourists from screwing, I mean doing, Cuba. They’re both too indolent and too stupid, and they have the leader to prove it–little Justin “I Love Fidel” Trudeau.

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