At least 50 Ladies in White arrested in Cuba this Sunday when they tried to attend church services
Cuban State Security awaiting Ladies in White to step out of their homes to arrest them.

The #TodosMarchamos (we all march) campaign of peaceful protest marches marked its 112th Sunday yesterday and as it has happened every previous Sunday of the campaign, the Castro dictatorship responded with violence and arrests. At least 50 Ladies in White were reported arrested yesterday throughout the island as they attempted to attend church services and then march peacefully in a protest calling for the release of political prisoners.

As has been the case for the previous 111 Sundays, you will not see any of the international news media correspondents in Cuba reporting on yesterday’s repression or arrests. The Cuban dictatorship counts on their complicit silence. They subscribe to the notion that if a dissident is violently arrested and no one is around to see or hear it, it never happened. The international press continues to sell apartheid Cuba to the world as an island paradise and they are quite aware that if you dare to challenge that assertion, you will quickly be expelled at best, or imprisoned at worst.

Diario de Cuba has the report (in Spanish) HERE.