Worst and most horrific quote in all of Cuban history, ever


Get ready: CNN is airing a two-hour documentary on the “rescue” of Elian Gonzalez.


Santa mierda de los perros de San Lazaro…. *&^%$#@+{*&^}$#@!

At some point In this program, Elian says this:

“I don’t practice any religion. I haven’t studied any religion. But if I did, of course, my god would be Fidel. To me, there’s no greater person.”

Some “rescue,” huh?

God help us all.

For a description of the five “must see” moments in this stinking propaganda piece from the Castro News Network, go HERE to Raw Story.


7 thoughts on “Worst and most horrific quote in all of Cuban history, ever”

  1. But Elián wasn’t brainwashed or anything. He wasn’t turned into a political trophy, just like his father, I mean Nosferatu, I mean Fidel, promised he wouldn’t be. Of course, it may look like he’s a robotic parrot who says and does whatever Castro, Inc. wants, but that’s because he has real “revolutionary” spirit, which is totally natural and spontaneous. Nobody fucked with his mind–he only sounds like a cult member, but it’s all fine, really. Everyone who actively enabled his return to the place his mother died to save him from should be not only satisfied they stuck it to “those people” but proud of what they did–consequences be damned.

    And no, I’m not going anywhere near this CNN shit. I might as well take up reading Fidel’s old speeches.

    Lord, the revulsion.

  2. Castro’s powerful “enemy” to the north sure is extremely obliging… With such “enemies” anyone is bound to look like a genius, specially while wearing a military costume. Sure, the Clintons are the scummiest of scum but, sadly, it is goes beyond them.

  3. It’s disgusting and repulsive that, given how overtly and indisputably the kid was turned into a totalitarian android, anybody would express anything but appalled horror over the matter. At least, even if the usual suspects cannot bring themselves to admit the obvious, they could at least shut up and leave it be. The fact they’re evidently and openly just fine with what happened is indicative of how deep their perversity runs. Of course, they’re not just fine with it–they want to keep rubbing it in the faces of “those people,” and to exalt their “victory,” even though it ruined the mind and probably the soul of an innocent child.

  4. Even though people will accuse me of being “conspiracy theorist,” I can’t imagine why CNN thinks that anyone is interested in Elian Gonzalez and I’m thus led to suspect that castro’s propaganda ministry [for ever stirring the pot] has something to do with this crap, since the program will not shed any new light on Elian. Elian and his dad will of course repeat the offical party line which goes something like this: he forgives his misguided Miami relatives, he’s deliriously happy to be in Cuba and the demised pychopathetic fidel was a father figure to him akin to “Superman,” [but since this will be scripted, the not-to-bright, brainwashed Gonzalez will have his words heavily monitored and edited, so he won’t repeat those stupidities]. By the way if Joan Brown Campbell and Maxine Waters et al., is interviewed that will be the cherry on the cake. The only good thing is that hideous lesbo, Janet Reno is in Hell and we won’t have to look at her ugly mug while she lies.

  5. It also struck me as odd that CNN would come out with this now, since nobody but the Cuban-American community would be especially interested, and no Cuban who knows the score would bother with a CNN version. In other words, this doesn’t seem especially marketable, so what’s the motivation? An attempt to rationalize or justify a glaring case of brainwashing? Zealotry against “those people”? Tit-for-tat? Doing friends a favor? In any case, it boils down to either hardcore useful idiocy or serious hijeputez, if not both.

  6. Asombra,

    When you think about it, nothing about Cuba is newsworthy. Much more interesting news comes out of countries like France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, etc…. than Cuba. Yet, the MSM publishes more Cuba related stories than all those other countries. In fact, it is always jamming even the most ridiculous, inane stories down our throats. What American really gives a rat’s ass if there a Cuban man with 6 fingers, or a Cuban who built the tallest bicycle in the world, or [the most recent] a pig that was born with one eye? Seriously, I’m sure that anyone of those countries I mentioned have more insteresting stories since they are cultural giants that produce movies, art, science, inventions, etc… Even a small country like Ireland would be more interesting to Americans since something like 50,000,000 Americans trace their ancestry back to Ireland, yet, Ireland doesn’t even get a fraction of the news coverage that Cuba does. Clearly, there is a nexus between the Cuban MInistry of Propaganda and the MSM. This has been clear as the sun in the sky many times, but to me, it became most evident when CNN gave Castro three hours provided gratis to justify the downing of the Brothers to the Rescue cessnas and when the NYT’s reproduced verbatim an editorial that appeared in Granma justifying the murder of the four Brothers to the Rescue Cubans. This Elian special is clearly done at the bequest of the castro regime. Have any doubts? Listen to CNN giving the regime a plug via Elian’s scripted responses to the CNN reporters’ leading questions.

    See what I mean: http://www.cnn.com/2017/08/24/world/elian-gonzalez-interview/index.html

  7. Thanks, Ray, but I’m not wasting my time on CNN–it’d be like sniffing shit to confirm it stinks. And yes, bringing this tawdry spinfest out this late looks highly suspect, because public demand or desire for this has to be mighty low, if any. It looks like CNN is doing it either for Castro, Inc. or for itself, as an act of perverse leftist piety–unless, of course, it gets off on screwing “those people” to make them squeal–as in the movie Deliverance–and figures this is a sure way to get its jollies. Talk about being beneath contempt.

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