Castro regime demands $10,000 ransom for Canadian tourist’s corpse

The deceased, and victims of extortion

From our very busy Canadian Cuban Horror Stories Bureau

Here we go again.

This time the horror involves extortion and a corpse.

This is a little-known practice of Castro, Inc., which has been in place for decades: charging grieving foreigners a stiff fee for retrieval and transfer of a loved one’s corpse.

I know someone who went through this many years ago, a Belgian woman whose husband died while on “holiday” in Castrogonia.

They would not let her go home with her husband’s corpse until she paid some outrageous sum in cash.

When she explained she didn’t have that much cash, the Castronoids asked if she had an ATM card she could use.

She said she did, but that she was limited to withdrawing $250 per day.

The Castronoids cooly responded that she could go to the ATM every day for as many days as needed and then when she had finally collected the required sum they would release the body to her.

Grieving?  Forget that.  Not allowed.  This is all about cash… undetectable cash that can be slipped into pockets without a trace….

The Belgian embassy got involved and the Castronoids finally let the poor woman go home with her husband’s corpse, but it took several days.

Aaaaah, the wonders of the Caribbean Utopia!

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias (Spanish), The Sherbrook Times (Atrocious English), and One Dollar Gift (French)

A 23-year-old Canadian woman is  begging on the Internet for contributions from the public to help her ransom her father’s corpse from a Castro, Inc. morgue in Cuba.

Angélique Villeneuve-Veer needs $10,000 dollars to bring her father’s remains home.  He died on her birthday at Varadero beach, where he and his wife were enjoying a “dream holiday,”reports The Sherbrook Times in the worst English prose imaginable.

“I have to see my father to say goodbye.  It’s impossible for me to think that I won’t be able to see him one last time,” said the grieving daughter.

Gustave Villeneuve, 65, the deceased, was planning to spend two whole weeks enjoying Castrogonia’s apartheid beaches with his wife when he was suddenly felled by a heart attack as he approached the turquoise sea.

Efforts to find medical help at the apartheid resort failed and by the time paramedics arrived, it was too late.

Angélique Villeneuve-Veer received the sad news of her father’s passing in a telephone call from her mother, who also informed her that she had to leave the corpse behind until the proper ransom was paid.

“I asked my mother when I would be able to say goodbye to my father, and she said we couldn’t afford the high price being demanded for his return.”

She also found out that for every day that her father’s corpse remains in Castrogonia, the family will be charged an additional $50 dollars per day for storage in a morgue.

Desperate to ransom her father’s remains, Angélique began a fundraising campaign “Mon papa prêt de nous!” on the web site One Dollar Gift.  To date, she has collected $7,084 dollars.

As Kurt Vonnegut might have said, so it goes.  Yes, so it goes in Castrogonia.

And, yes, so it goes in Canada, where horror stories such as this are constantly reported by the press, and where no one seems to care or to notice that Castrogonia is a hell-hole run by soulless cretins.

Aaaaah, the joys of apartheid sometimes exact a great price from some unfortunate Canadian wretch… but that apartheid, and that slumming do add up to “dream holidays” if nothing goes wrong.

N’est-ce pas, ma chérie?  Oui.  Vive l’apartheid.  Vive la Révolution.  Vive le Che.  Vive l’esclavage de les bons sauvages… And long live “dream holidays.”

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  1. And of course, as usual, the wretches involved as well as Canadians in general remain steadfastly oblivious to the elephant in the room, and always, without fail, refuse to take any responsibility and opt to play victim. I’m sorry, but if you insist on needlessly making yourself vulnerable to highly dangerous animals and harm comes to you as a result, you asked for it.

    Besides, the solution is obvious: make this little Justin’s problem, have him call up his friends in Havana, and have them cough up the corpse. Nobody, not even in Canada, should be giving this girl a penny.

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