Castro, Inc. plans to send huge contingent of slave doctors to Houston

Be sure your sonic devices are packed !!!

From our Unbridled Chutzpah Bureau.

Texan authorities, get ready to distribute earplugs to everyone in and around Houston!

The Cubans are coming, the Cubans are coming!

Acoustic attack, following a natural disaster… What a great way to cripple your enemy.

Imagine a thousand Cuban doctors and nurses planting ultra- and sub-sonic devices everywhere they go… Aaaaaay!

bzzzzzzp…bzzzzzzzzzzzzp, bzzzzzzp bzzzzzzp bzzzzzzzzzzp, bzzzzp bzzzzzzzzp bzzzzzzzzzp…..bzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

What’s that?  I can’t hear you… and I’m feeling a bit dizzy….

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias:

Never pass up the chance to grandstand and maybe make money in the bargain.

Castro, Inc. has announced that it is rounding up about a thousand “brigadistas” from its slave doctor plantation so they can fly to Houston and help victims of hurricane Harvey.

As usual, the Ministry of Slave Doctors (euphemistically called Ministerio de Salud Pública- MINSAP) wants Castro Inc. to be considered the world’s most charitable and philanthropic nation, as well as the one most overstocked with medical personnel.

They keep sending doctors, nurses, and “technicians” everywhere by the thousands.  Recently, they announced they were sending two thousand to their colony of Venenozuela.

The U.S. State department denies receiving any such offer from Castrogonia.

Top notch Cuban medical personnel

Of course, these medical missionaries never offer their services for free.  They get paid, and the bulk of their pay goes directly into the vaults of Castro, Inc.

Twelve years ago, Castro, Inc. pulled the same stunt after hurricane Katrina devastated the New Orleans and other parts of the Gulf Coast.

Two years ago, they made a big splash in world news by sending slave doctors to Africa during an Ebola epidemic.

Get all the details HERE, in Spanish.



1 thought on “Castro, Inc. plans to send huge contingent of slave doctors to Houston”

  1. It’s really incredible that nobody seems to notice that there’s something seriously fishy about a third-world shithole mass-producing “doctors” to be sent all over the world, when ordinary Cubans themselves routinely have to procure medical supplies from relatives abroad. I mean, how difficult is it to see such a racket?

    However, I don’t wish to impugn anyone’s intelligence. I’m sure most if not all of the usual suspects can figure out the obvious just fine, not just about this racket in particular but about the “revolution” in general, but when you adopt willful blindness, the appearance of cluelessness is inevitable.

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