Miami International Airport takes down Che Guevara poster greeting arriving passengers

This is the type of thing you would expect to happen in the leftist ignorance bastions of San Francisco or New York, but it actually happened in Miami. Apparently, somebody thought it would be a good idea and perfectly acceptable to hang a poster of mass murderer Che Guevara to greet passengers arriving at Miami International Airport.

The poster was up for only a few hours before complaints began and it was quickly taken down. However, that does not change the fact that someone saw it fit to put up in the first place.

It is bad enough anyone would want to glorify a psychotic killer who murdered hundreds of innocent people with a poster. It is doubly worse that someone would do so in a city where so many family members of Che’s victims live.

Mario Penton reports in The Miami Herald:

Che Guevara’s image greeted travelers at MIA for several hours

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Giménez’s family, who had to go into exile after the Cuban revolution in 1959, was inadvertently linked to that of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, one of the bearded guerrillas who helped install communism in his native homeland.

A huge poster of Guevara’s image welcomed passengers at Miami International Airport for several hours between Thursday night and early Friday, just a few feet away from the mayor’s image as part of the exhibition titled “Irish in Latin America,” sponsored by the Irish Embassy in the United States to highlight the contributions of Irish immigrants to Latin American history and culture.

The Che image, displayed at the airport’s E terminal, was created in 1968 by the Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick and inspired by the photography of Alberto Korda.

“The photo of Che is no longer there, they took it away,” said an airport employee who asked not to be named because he is not authorized to speak on the matter.

“I saw it last night and I did not agree with it being on display. They should have put another photo of celebrities from Cuba, but not Che who was a murderer. That’s good to put it in Cuba or Venezuela, where there are communists, but not here,” added the employee, who is of Cuban origin.

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4 thoughts on “Miami International Airport takes down Che Guevara poster greeting arriving passengers”

  1. The first offender is the Irish Embassy behind this project, and obviously its source, the government of Ireland. Evidently, the responsible parties have no problem with or qualms about Che as an “Irish” figure, and simply see him as a marketable “icon” who serves their purposes–as indeed he would in a Latrine setting, only Miami is not exactly suitable. The amorality and opportunism involved could hardly be more crass, and of course nobody involved even remotely gives a shit about “those people.” However, to be fair, who is worse? Some Irish assholes far removed from a Cuban context, or the people in Tampa behind the infamous Che cake at an airport celebration of JetBlue flights to Cuba, not to mention the Che “craft” item sold in the gift shop of a Miami art museum? In all instances, if an offense of comparable magnitude had hit the black community, you’d better believe somebody would have been fired or at least severely disciplined. But this? Nah, just an innocent “slip.” No problemo.

    And by the way, barring an official apology from the Irish Embassy, the mayor should have had the entire exhibit taken down, not just the Che poster. There is no excuse for such a blatant lack of respect and such gross insensitivity–NONE. Of course, the mayor would hardly be so, you know, intransigent. After all, the Cubanoids at the Herald might say bad things about him.

  2. And no, it would not be “good to put it in Cuba or Venezuela,” because an odious, murderous psychopath, no matter how genuine his delusions, should not be exalted or honored anywhere–certainly not by people with the pretensions of the Irish government. The problem, of course, is that this sort of thing would fly pretty much anywhere except Miami, and not even “His Holiness” would object to it if the exhibit went up in the Rome airport. Lord, the disgust.

  3. So let’s see: the responsible person at the airport, Greg Chin, says the problem was noticed before the exhibit went up, and that the organizers, evidently the Irish embassy people, were told not to include the Che poster. In other words, unlike the Che head incident at the PAMM gift shop, this was not a matter of “nobody noticed beforehand” or “we didn’t know Che was part of it.” Everyone involved did know, and instructions were given to avert giving offense. However, somebody on the Irish end obviously did not follow those instructions, and that is not acceptable because this is a serious insult–again, everyone was aware of the problem and what to do about it. The only possible excuse is that the matter was not taken seriously, which is also highly insulting–this is not Boston, OK?

    Even if this was a careless but unintentional faux pas, as everybody involved claims, the fact remains that the Irish did choose to include Che in the exhibit in the first place, meaning they evidently do not have a problem with him even if they saw he would not fly in Miami and agreed to remove him for PR reasons. This implies this exhibit, which is a marketing campaign, was not designed just for Miami, and that it has been or will be employed in other cities where the Che poster has been or will be used–as if he made perfectly appropriate company for a poster of Father Félix Varela, who would consider Che a spawn of hell–not to mention one of José Martí, who would be beyond appalled. We’re talking about moral relativism or selective morality at best here, and I’m afraid the Irish stink on ice.

  4. Oh, and somebody please tell these Irish idiots that their revolutionary poster boy was not an MD, even if he posed and was passed off as one. He did not finish his medical studies and did not get a degree. His bovine daughter, however, probably has an official medical degree and is reportedly a pediatrician, not that any child should be allowed near that cow (assuming she actually practices medicine, as opposed to promoting daddy assiduously, since that’s her real meal ticket).

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