Horror stories from tourists trapped by Irma in apartheid Cuban hotel

The Smiths: Brits forced to live like Cubans

From our Annals of Apartheid Tourism Bureau:

Castro, Inc. has been boasting about the thousands of  tourists it evacuated from its apartheid resorts.

Hoteliers were also boasting about how safe these evacuees were.

Well… read the account below for the real story.

These British bigots who love apartheid resorts thought they would be “safe” in the new location chosen for them by Castro, Inc.

After spending nine hours in a bus, they arrived at Varadero — a highly vulnerable and very thin strip of land surrounded by water — and then they had to endure 24 hours of hell in another apartheid beach resort, maybe more dangerous than the one from which they were evacuated.

Damaged apartheid resort in Varadero

Of course, they were much safer in their “hell” than the vast majority of Cubans.

But this story is not really about Cuba.  It’s all about the indignity suffered by these apartheid tourists, who were actually forced to share the same experience as the inferior but noble savages who live in Cuba.

“How dare you, sir, how dare you force me to live like some bloody half-ape Cuban!”

Good luck finding news stories in the Hull Daily Mail about Cubans who lived through the same experience.

There is a side story here too: It looks like the damage to Castro, Inc.’s apartheid resorts has been extensive, and those evacuees they boasted about were far from safe.

Aaaah… but they’ll keep coming back for “dream holidays” in their apartheid enclaves as soon as the Apartheid Gold Coast of Castrogonia is back in business.

No worries… the European hotel chains who built these lucrative resorts will repair them quickly, and the bigots who love these places will fill them up soon enough.

Castro, Inc. won’t pay un kilo (one cent), but its minions will make sure that all the repairs are put on the fastest track possible.

Chances are that the hoteliers will employ cheap foreign labor from Asia again — as they’ve done with other “luxury” projects — to ensure that the work gets done.

Beyond the apartheid resorts…

From Hull Daily Mail

Hull mum stranded in Cuba ‘thought her family would die’ in Hurricane Irma

family stranded in Cuba have spoken of the “scariest” days of their life after being trapped in a hotel bathroom for over 22 hours as Hurricane Irma devastated the island.

Gemma Smith, with her husband Marc and son Kaiellis, were evacuated from their hotel on Thursday, and travelled nine hours by coach to the northern region of Varadero.

Her mother, Sharon Green, could not make contact with her family after the storm hit, but has now been able to communicate with them through Facebook.

Mrs Smith said in a message to her mother: “We are safe. Those were the worst and scariest 24 hours of my life.

“We were stuck in a bathroom for 22 hours and 43 minutes and trust me I counted every minute. All three of us laid in the bathroom and Kaiellis slept in the bath.

“Hours into the hurricane everything smashed. All the glass and windows and then to our horror the roof started leaking and rain was pouring in.

“We shoved towels under the door and locked ourselves in with a mattress, but Kaiellis kept telling me things about rugby and laughing and joking with us.

“It’s every parent’s worst nightmare the feeling that you can’t protect your child, and at times it was like he was looking out for me.

“I’m not going lie, I thought we were all going to die. Further into the storm we heard a massive noise and realised the roof had come off, and people were crying – the noise was horrendous.

“Trees fell down and landing on the hotel. I feel physically ill and mentally drained.”

Mrs Smith said the whole area of Varadero was flooded, with trees and tiles strewn everywhere. Their original hotel is apparently “completely under water”….

Young and Waites: Other outraged Brits forced to endure Irma

… Another family have also heard from their teenage daughter, after all communication was cut off due to the hurricane changing direction and heading back towards the island.

Melanie Young, of James Reckitt Avenue, could not get into contact with her daughter Emily, 18, or Emily’s boyfriend, 20-year-old Harri Waites, after the couple were evacuated from their hotel in Cayo Coco on Thursday.

Ms Young said she was “frantic with worry” after Emily was told to “put a mattress against the window and hide in the bathroom”, but managed to contact her this afternoon.

“I managed to get through to Emily last night after most of the storm had hit,” said Ms Young.

“But she told me they had to go and hide in their hotel rooms because the hurricane had changed direction and was coming back towards them.

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