At least 10 Cubans killed by hurricane Irma

From The Weather Channel:

At least 10 people are dead in Cuba in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma barreling through the island – the first Category 5 hurricane to make landfall in the island nation since 1924. Evacuations are still underway in the Caribbean, where more aid is arriving after the hurricane raked a destructive path through the continental United States.

The majority of the victims in Cuba were killed by collapsing buildings, the BBC reported. Cuba’s president, Raul Castro said recovering from the impact of the hurricane would be an “immense task.”

Irma made landfall in northern Cuba Friday night as a Category 5 hurricane, ripping off roofs, collapsing buildings and flooding hundreds of miles of coastline.

According to the Associated Press, Cuban authorities warn of staggering damage to all-inclusive resorts and cities along the keys on the northern coast, as well as farmland in central Cuba. Ahead of the storm, more than 5,000 tourists were evacuated.

According to records from the National Weather Service, Irma is the first Category 5 hurricane to make landfall on Cuba since October 1924.