Irmapocalypse in Havana: a video journal

Surreal images of a ruined city submerged in murky seawater.

The city was already wrecked and collapsing before Irma came along.

“Aquí se te fué todo” says the videographer to a woman whose house is totally flooded.  (You’ve lost everything here).

Of course, that could have been said of the entire island of Cuba on New Year’s Day in 1959.

It’s all been gone for a long time.

But now, this is just one more indignity and another level of loss added to all the others, inflicted by nature.

Decaying buildings awash in salt water.   Venice of the damned.

A prelude to the end of the world.

It’s as if all the tears shed by Cubans since 1959 have been released all at once.

Maybe that’s what really happened?

God caught and counted each and every tear, stored them all in a special reservoir behind an alabaster dam, grew tired of the counting and storing, broke the dam with a single breath, released the flood.

Those caught in this new nightmare, accustomed to nothing but a nightmarish life, wander about, not stunned at all, but somewhat curious about this new type of challenge to their human dignity.

Perhaps it’s the absence of agents of repression that piques their curiosity most intensely, making some of them seem giddy.

There are no police anywhere in sight.  No civil officials.  No Communist Party members. No one shouting slogans. No calls for acts of repudiation.  And no one offering help of any kind.

On a day like this, even the Ladies in White could wander about unmolested, perhaps swim all the way to church without encountering any resistance from the “Revolution.”

All 35 minutes are worth watching.  One of the most revealing glimpses of Cuba available anywhere.  The flood has brought out the truth, much like some emetic, or a good, long crying fit.

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