Castro colony of Venenozuela sends aid to Cuba while Venezuelans slowly starve

Colonies must always supply their masters with stuff, no matter what.

That’s the whole purpose of a colony, after all.

So, Venenozuela has sent a planeload of stuff to Castrogonia — stuff that is scarce and Venezuelans don’t have.

Venenozuela is a nation with empty store shelves where people scrounge for scraps in garbage dumps and eat pets and zoo animals.

Yet, it has also sent stuff it can’t afford to send to other Caribbean locations that are of great interest to King Raul.

Aaaah, the joys of  imperialism!    Aaaah, the thrills of colonialism!

Venezuelan shoppers

From Xinhua:

A Venezuelan army plane carrying 7.3 tons of humanitarian aid arrived in Havana on Tuesday, becoming the first foreign relief to arrive in Cuba after Hurricane Irma battered the island over the weekend.

The Chinese-made Y-8 plane touched down at Jose Marti International Airport with a message of solidarity from the people and government of Venezuela, Havana’s main political and economic ally in the region.

The aid consists of mattresses, water and canned foods, with Caracas preparing more shipments to assist Cuba, which saw 10 people killed and widespread damage because of Irma.

The Venezuelan Minister for Women and Gender Equality, Blanca Eekhout, said her nation will assist Cuba in these “hard times” as a token of gratitude for the solidarity the island country has shared with Caracas over the years.

“Cuba has always been with Venezuela in the most difficult times and that is why we are permanently committed to its people and revolution,” she said in Havana after arriving with the humanitarian cargo.

Venezuela also sent a similar shipment to Antigua and Barbuda, which also suffered heavy losses due to the hurricane.

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