Zimbabwe plans to rent 102 Cuban slave doctors from Castro, Inc.

Castro, Inc.’s slave doctors

One of the world’s largest slave owners is about to rent some of its slaves to one of the world’s worst dictatorships.

No surprise here.

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s 93-year-old dictator, has been a chief client of Castro, Inc. ever since he assumed power in 1980.

And Castro, Inc. cranks out “doctors” from its lousy medical schools faster than bullets from a machine gun.

In fact, it seems that its supply of slave doctors is nearly infinite, given how many of them are constantly being shipped abroad.

Could it be that the production rate of slave doctors is higher than that of any other commodity manufactured or grown in Cuba?


The crowning irony in this latest slave-doctors-for-hire story is that the Cubans are being sent to replace African doctors who went on strike for higher pay and better working conditions.

Of course, the Cuban slaves won’t be able to complain about anything.

Mugabe and Fidel: Best of friends

From News 24

Zimbabwe is reportedly set to recruit at least 102 specialist doctors from Cuba to be deployed to the country’s referral and provincial hospitals.

According to the state-owned Chronicle newspaper, the Minister of Health and Child Care David Parirenyatwa said the country had a serious shortage of specialist doctors.

“Finally we are hoping to recruit 102 specialists to go into mostly our provincial hospitals and of course some will come to central hospitals. What we are trying to do is to say every provincial hospital should have at least five specialist doctors. At the moment provincial hospitals have at least one or two specialists,” Parirenyatwa was quoted as saying.

Zimbabwe had one of Africa’s best healthcare systems but a brain drain following a plunge into economic crisis and hyper-inflation has wreaked all-round havoc, including on the medical sector.

In February this year, hundreds of patients endured long hours waiting in casualty units at the country’s state hospitals due to a crippling strike by doctors seeking higher allowances and better work conditions.
Minister of Slave Doctors, Dr. Yamejodi Porcierto

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  1. The asthmatic Argentine asshole and assassin is an apt backdrop for these mass-produced rent-a-docs. He is still being passed off as a doctor, but although he went to medical school, he never finished and never graduated, meaning he never got an actual degree. He did, of course, play along with the fiction, which is very appropriate, since the “revolution” is all about false appearances.

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