Friday afternoon comic relief: Cuban superstitions

Forget about black cats crossing your path, stepping on a sidewalk crack, or walking under ladders… those are lame American superstitions.

Cuban superstitions pack more of a punch.

Here are ten of the most widely-acknowledged… and feared….

From My Big Fat Cuban Family:

1) Azabaches Save Lives

We started our lives wearing, not just jewelry, but an azabache. This little black rock is important to ward off the evil eye, particularly important if you were an adorable baby (which I was). It’s the only thing that can protect from jealousy, the evil eye, and all sorts of untold calamities brought on by strangers glancing sideways at you as they pass.

2) Cuban Babies Must Smell Like the Tears of Angels

How Cuban babies smell is of the utmost importance. I guarantee that not one Cuban baby has ever made it home from the hospital without a good douse of Violetas Cologne. Purists would insist on the Augustin Reyes brand and I would have to agree. Babies mustsmell like violets. That is all. Is there anything better than the smell of a clean, Cuban baby? Maybe Heaven itself.

3) Do Not Bring Home Those Seashells!

If you managed to survive your early childhood, the rest of your life is still full of landmines to be avoided. Think of a simple pleasure like maybe collecting sea shells at the beach. THINK AGAIN. A bucket full of shells is bad luck. Don’t ask why. They never had a good ‘why.’ You probably spent the better half of a day at the beach collecting shells only to have your mom or your ever-vigilant abuela make sure they didn’t find their way back home with you. “Mala suerte,”  they would cryptically say. (Bad luck.) Don’t even think about trying this.

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And…just in case… por si acaso… enciende una vela… light a candle, or two, or three… the more the merrier, and the safer you will feel ….