Cuban dissidents the targets of Castro dictatorship’s frustration over conflict with U.S.

When the Castro dictatorship was in conflict with the U.S., it took out its frustrations on defenseless dissidents. When the Castro dictatorship began its loving relationship with the Obama administration, it celebrated the political victory by brutally beating and arresting record numbers of dissidents. Now that the relationship has returned to one of conflict, the apartheid regime is back to taking its frustrations out on dissidents.

It is a no-win situation for Cuba’s courageous dissidents.

Mario Lleonart reports in Translating Cuba:

The Cuban Regime Begins Slapping Its Tail On Dissidents In Response To U.S. Decision
Ivan Hernandez Carrillo

The regime is already starting to unleash its blind fury over the U.S. government’s decision in response to the dictatorship’s inescapable and treacherous complicity in the attack on its diplomats.

Iván Hernández Carrillo was visited this morning by a bailiff of the Municipal Tribunal of Colón, who delivered an official summons to an legal hearing on Tuesday 17 October.

The summons does not reveal the charge behind the proceedings, so Iván went to the tribunal offices, where they told him that he would be tried for nonpayment of a fine — an obvious excuse.

Iván is one of the dissidents who bear the special designation of having been among the former political prisoners of conscience, the Group of 75 during Cuba’s Black Spring of 2003, who still remains in Cuba. This makes him a symbol that the regime wants to utilize in what is likely the start of a predictable wave of repression, with a goal to fill its holding pens with hostages. This is a longstanding practice of a system that abducts its own citizens so as to provoke ransom negotiations.

It is clear that the regime was already exploring these options that it always has up its sinister sleeve. On Friday, 1 September, following a search of his residence, they had communicated to Iván that he would be charged with the crime of inciting delinquency.

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