“La loca de San Juan” and a few thoughts about Puerto Rico

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As you’ve read in this blog over the last year, Puerto Rico is bankrupt.    We also learned that the electric grid is in shambles and the result of mismanagement.

So now we see the leftist mayor of San Juan with a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Let me add that I just saw mayor of San Juan on TV.   It was a very weak performance.   She is a partisan to the core.

My good guess is that she is out to make a name for herself and not much more!

We need better leaders at times like this!   On the other hand, it is irresponsible leaders like the Mayor of San Juan who’ve put the island in this mess.

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3 thoughts on ““La loca de San Juan” and a few thoughts about Puerto Rico”

  1. I believe you are picturing the wrong woman. The mayor of San Juan looks nothing like this. The woman pictured resembles the Puerto Rican representative in congress. She was on tv last night and thanked President Trump profusely.

  2. No, that is the mayor of San Juan (sans make-up and other frippery). She did thank Trump previously, but she has changed her tune (or has been, uh, advised to change it). She is probably of the same ilk as that NYC shrew behind featuring a convicted terrorist in the Puerto Rican parade there recently. The problem, of course, is that such people can get elected, but obviously they can. And yes, you’d better believe that ese huevo quiere sal and is out to make as big a name for herself as possible. She should prove as good for Puerto Rico as the mayor of New Orleans at the time of Katrina proved for Louisiana. Lord have mercy.

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