The Democrats’ favorite tune: “Let’s pass another gun law”

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“Que hay de nuevo” as my late father used to say.

Within minutes after the Vegas shooting, the Democrats and their friends in the media, were on alert calling for gun control.

A few years ago, a horrific shooting happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. It broke our hearts, specially those of us who remember dropping off our young sons at school.

The horrific tragedy followed the pattern that we are now seeing in Las Vegas. First, a major Democrat makes a statement about guns. Second, the media goes in anti-NRA mode saying that we need to keep guns away from disturbed people.

In the end, nothing consequential happens even when you have a Democrat president with congressional majorities.

This is from the Atlantic in 2012:

The horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Conn., is the latest grisly episode in what has become a muted debate in the United States: what to do about gun violence and well-armed mass murderers. But we will make a prediction: Even in the face of this national tragedy, President Obama will have little success enacting substantive gun control.

Here’s why: Obama can read the political map as well as anyone, and he knows that, just as in the past after previous brutal tragedies, the politics of gun control rest on complicated terrain. Many gun control advocates blame the lack of policy action on America’s gun-loving culture and the influence of the National Rifle Association (NRA), but that’s too simplistic. Already in the wake of the Newtown carnage we have seen a slew of pundits drawing the wrong conclusions, just as they have after previous tragedies.

Sherlock Holmes would say: Elementary, Democrats!

In raw political terms, gun control is an issue that does not play well in all of those counties that you need to gain a House majority.

As for me, I’ve always been a practical person when it comes to the issue. I’m willing to hear ideas that could prevent killings like Las Vegas, Sandy Hook, and others.

Please show me a law that would have stopped it. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen one.

In most of these actions, the killers are already violating existing laws. It was illegal for that young man to bring a gun to a school in Connecticut. So what law would have stopped him?

So we are down to a couple of options:

1) Eliminate the 2nd Amendment, an idea that will never happen; or,

2) Enforcing our current laws or getting more realistic about mental health issues that often drive these shootings.

So we’re back to square one. We pray for the victims and the country and wonder why Democrats always politicize these tragedies!

“Que hay de nuevo”?    NADA NADA!

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