A grotesque electoral fraud: A Cuba-style election in Venezuela


Daniel Duquenal chronicles the grotesque electoral fraud that took place in Venezuela yesterday. Not only are the Venezuelan people suffering the same hunger, repression, and misery suffered by the Cuban people, they now have the same fraudulent electoral system that will never allow them to escape it.

Via Venezuela News and Views:

Venezuela News And Views: A grotesque electoral fraud

I knew that the regime would forge results, would commit electoral fraud, but what happened tonight is grotesque.

Venezuela has to be the ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD where food scarcity, severe lack of health care, near hyperinflation levels, major street violence, living under curfew, no hope in hell for whatsoever, and the government GAINS votes. No kidding, researchers from the entire world should flock to Venezuela in the next days to study that miracle of politics. Books will be written about on how to win elections by screwing up people.

This is enough to claim electoral fraud.

Since September 14 I did write only 3 posts about today’s elections, in a rather diffident mood I would say. I was careful not to bring hopes into anyone, but also articulating a case that not taking part in these elections would be worse than boycotting them. Thus I am proven right. More right than I thought actually since the introductory paragraph of the last post explains tonight perfectly. The regime has simply decided to act nakedly as a dictatorship, even if many countries warned the regime that they knew it would commit fraud.

The regime did not even pretend, like, say, imagine, with a fifty/fifty result. No, it gave only 5 out of 23 for the opposition, confirming that we are in a new neo-communist type of electoral system, where votes for the opposition are in significant percentages, but the result is nearly 100% in favor of the regime (see the 100% for the illegal constituent assembly of July, or the scandalous 80% today).

Even if we make the case for opposition errors like not fielding their best candidates (too many AD, Ismael Garcia in Aragua, idiotic division in Amazonas) to explain part of the failing, the results of today have glaring inconsistencies. To begin with, the landslide of 2015 is reverted although no reasonable explanation can be advanced. True, there was disruptive protests this year that were not vocally followed in popular class neighborhoods (for a variety of reasons more than from lack of support). But material dissatisfaction is not only here, but it is worse, much worse than in 2015. One could buy that the regime did recover somewhat courtesy of excessive protest. But flip the thing over, and some more? Give me a break.

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