The ‘peace treaty’ that allowed Cuban soldiers to flood into Colombia

Jean Arnault & “surrender” of weapons

From Oiga,

An exposé of the “peace treaty” that allowed Castrogonia to flood Colombia with its soldiers.

Very disturbing….

We were invaded in the same way that the frog was boiled

by Fernando Londoño

From As in the story of the frog and the pot of boiling water, the boiling pot for Colombians was turned on when Cuba sent us armed soldiers, with the sacred mission of protecting the FARC’s terrorists.

You know the story: a frog placed in boiling water jumps out of the pot to save itself.  But if you place a frog in the same pot in warm water and it stays in the pot, very calm. Little by little the temperature is raised in the water, and the frog remains calm until it is boiled.

We are treated like the frog in that anecdote.

Monsieur Jean Arnault

The thing begins with the disarmament of the FARC, a fairy tale told by a certain Monsieur Jean Arnault, a French agent sent by the United Nations to keep us calm.  At the head of his legion of Chilean and Argentine communists, Monsieur Arnault, as smart  as almost all the French — and who thinks we’re all fools — fed us  the story that the weapons that the FARC delivered were not for us to see. Colombian children could be frightened by this spectacle. So he collected thousands of rusty, rotten rusty rifles, hid them in containers that said “UN” and the FARC were already disarmed.

When he finished that task, he went to look for hundreds of hiding places loaded with weapons and explosives, which he found with the invaluable help of his FARC friends. And he unearthed those treasures, which were not shown to our stupid and foolish eyes. Monsieur Arnault’s word must suffice, because it is pronounced by none other than Monsieur Arnault.

Then the temperature of the water was raised a bit higher….

Continue reading HERE, in Spanish…. (and if you don’t know Spanish, cut and paste the article onto Google Translate.  It’s improved tremendously, and you can actually get a fairly accurate translation)

King Raul, peacemaker
Cuban “peace keepers”

2 thoughts on “The ‘peace treaty’ that allowed Cuban soldiers to flood into Colombia”

  1. Well, one potentially good thing about this situation is that maybe, just maybe, Cubans will learn NOT to be anywhere near so comemierda after the fall of Castro, Inc. Still, I would have thought a large majority of Colombians would be much harder to manipulate so grotesquely, yet they’ve been had so badly that it makes them look infantile or worse. I knew Santos was a slimy, two-faced weasel ages ago, and it’s not as if I follow him or Colombia at all closely. In other words, people with skin in the game should have done one hell of a lot better–but maybe it’s simply the Latrine taint, which should never be underestimated.

  2. It was the French who came up with the bogus concept of “Latin” America in the 19th century, and the Latrines swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Because, you know, the French know stuff and shit–and then, of course, there’s their glorious and très chic blood-and-terror extravaganza, the French Revolution. Well, I suppose it could be worse–at least France hasn’t issued stamps in honor of the leading FARC criminals. Yet.

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