Wow! Castro regime blames insects for sonic attacks

Castronoids making up lies about the sonic attacks on American diplomats took lying to a whole new level yesterday, blaming cicadas and crickets for the injuries.

Honestly, at first glance, it’s hard to tell whether this is a legitimate story or a joke, given the enormity of the lie.

This is the kind of lie a five-year-old might come up with.

But nothing is too outrageous when it comes to the Castro regime.

They know the world will believe anything they say because their outrageous lies have always found a receptive gullible audience.

Utopian egalitarianism.  Great health care.  Great education.  No racism.   No political prisoners.  No poverty.  No hunger. No involvement in drug trafficking,  No arms shipments to North Korea, etc…

Santa mierda de los burros de Belén!



Have the top brass at the Ministry of Lies watched Disney’s Pinnochio too many times?

From Quartz:

The US pulled the bulk of its diplomats from Cuba in September, blaming attacks on its staff that caused hearing loss and concussions. Cuba has denied any involvement, and now it is offering a counter-explanation: The alleged “sonic attacks” are coming from cicadas and crickets.

That detail comes from an AP report on a television special aired in Cuba yesterday to refute the US narrative about flagging diplomatic relations.

“We compared the spectrums of the sounds and evidently this common sound is very similar to the sound of a cicada,” Lt. Col. Juan Carlos Molina, a Cuban government expert, said on the television broadcast Alleged Sonic Attacks. The program also claimed sufficiently loud insect noises could “produce hearing loss, irritation and hypertension in situations of prolonged exposure.”

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Crickets and lies, oh my…