JKF Papers: U.S. offered large bounties for Cuban communists, except for Fidel

It appears the CIA knew the true worth of a communist despot: about 2 cents.

Washington Examiner

Nora Gamez Torres reports in The Miami Herald:

The CIA offered big bucks to kill Cuban communists. For Fidel himself? Just two cents

How much was the life of a Cuban communist worth in 1962? Depending on their rank within the party and the government, it could be worth up to a million dollars.

But there was one for which the CIA would only pay two cents: Fidel Castro.

The CIA considered giving rewards to those who murdered informants, officers, foreign communists and members of the Cuban government in a plan called “Operation Bounty,” detailed in one of the 2,800 documents declassified Thursday by the National Archives, related to the investigation into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

“Operation Bounty establishes a system of financial rewards, commensurate with the position and stature, for killing or delivering alive known communists,” notes a 1975 investigation of the CIA’s plans to overthrow or assassinate Castro known as “Operation Mongoose.”

The aim was “to provide inducement to Cuban citizens to overthrow the Cuban Communist Regime; to put pressure on Cuban Communists by creating distrust and disunity,” according to the original by the Pentagon presented on Jan. 30, 1962, to Gen. Edward Lansdale, who coordinated the special group heading the operation.

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