Shocking! South African medical students trained in Cuba need two whole years of re-training at home to “cover gaps” in their education

Dean of School of Medicine, University of Havana

Yes, so utterly shocking!

Who would have ever suspected that the medical training received by African students in Castrogonia would be deficient in any way?

Oh, Mildred, what a surprise!

Imagine TWO WHOLE YEARS of extra training after completing medical school!

Imagine anyone claiming any deficiencies in the Nelson Mandela Fidel Castro Medical Collaboration programme!

Outrageous!  Imagine doctors educated anywhere having to be retrained so intensively, or having to take an exam after their retraining!

This must be another one of those fiendish plots cooked up by Cuban exiles in Miami, to discredit the wonderful Castro regime.

The article below says the TWO EXTRA YEARS are necessary to “cover gaps” and “complement” the training received in Cuba, but I smell exile rats behind this smear campaign.

And the South African authorities say they won’t be sending any more students to Castrogonia.  Those evil exiles, spoiling everything again!

Minister of Medical Education Agapito Cuidao Quetemato

From The Herald S.A.

Eastern Cape medical students returning from Cuba will in future have to complete another two years of training at one of the medical schools in the province.

This is according to Eastern Cape Department of Health spokesman Sizwe Kupelo.

He said there were 390 medical students in Cuba and a new arrangement would be implemented for them to complete another two years of studies in South Africa.

They will then have to write a final exam to qualify as medical doctors,” he said.

Thereafter, the students will complete an internship and community service, which is required to register as an independent medical practitioner.

The Department of Health has stopped sending new students to Cuba because we have sufficient numbers of trained medical students,” he said.

“The reason why the students have to complete additional training in the country is … to cover the gaps and complement the community-based training provided in Cuba.”

Two more years of school for you!

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  1. Well, putative doctors are churned out by Castro, Inc. more or less like sausages or in assembly-line fashion, the emphasis being clearly on quantity. Anybody who expects such a system in a third-world shithole to produce quality physicians is simply, uh, not in touch with reality. Remember, when the going got tough, the Castro people got a surgeon from Spain to save Fidel’s ass, though he had full access to the crème de la crème of Cuba’s health care establishment. Same goes for a VIP like Pablo Milanés, who needed a kidney transplant and had it done in Spain. Castrogonia’s medical system is a racket.

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