Some embargo! 52 U.S. businesses in Cuba rack up profit of ONE TRILLION DOLLARS

Santa mierda del gallo que le cantó tres veces a San Pedro!

Wow.  What a blockade!  What an embargo!  Such an effective form of genocide!

ONE TRILLION DOLLARS in profits by American companies who do business in Cuba.

And this doesn’t even include profits made by exporters of medical supplies, agricultural products or by travel agencies and tour operators.

Of course, the trillion dollars made by these businesses is their total, worldwide, not the profit made in Castrogonia.

Yet, this is proof positive that the capitalist firms doing business in Cuba are big players, not small fry.

If this report doesn’t demolish the myth of the “embargo” then the myth is surely indestructible… and, of course, it is absolutely indestructible…. evidence of this sort has been available for many years.

The myth is so beautiful, so utterly enchanting.

Never mind the fact that U.S. manufacturer Caterpillar is just about to set up shop in Castrogonia’s Mariel Special Economic Development Zone.

All this information below comes from the Castronoid lobbyists at The U.S.-Cuba Trade and Economic Council, Inc., whose stated purpose is “to provide an efficient and sustainable educational structure in which the United States business community may access accurate, consistent, and timely information and analysis on matters and issues of interest regarding United States-Republic of Cuba commercial, economic, and political relations.”

 US$1 Trillion Is Combined Global Revenues Of The 52 U.S. Companies With A Presence In Cuba

With the Republic of Cuba, United States-based companies engage in the export of products, import of products, provision of services and horizontal Direct Foreign Investment (DFI).

The global gross revenues of the fifty-two (52) listed companies exceeds US$1 trillion and the companies employ approximately 2 million within the United States and other countries; not including revenue/employees from the United States Postal Service (USPS).

The list does not include travel agents and tour operators, most of whom have arrangements with Republic of Cuba government-operated Havanatur Celimar, Asistur, Gaviota and other Republic of Cuba government-operated companies to market itineraries.

This list does not include United States-based companies that have exported food products and agricultural commodities (Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act of 2000; TSREEA) and medical equipment, medical instruments, medical supplies, medicines, and pharmaceutical products (Cuban Democracy Act of 1992; CDA).

Caterpillar at Havana trade fair Nov 2017

There is horizontal DFI in the Republic of Cuba by United States-based companies as represented by Marriott International, John Deere, Caterpillar, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Jet Blue Airways, and American Airlines.

Since 17 December 2014, two (2) horizontal DFI proposals in the public domain were rejected by the government of the Republic of Cuba: Alabama-based Cleber LLC (a facility in the Republic of Cuba that would use parts manufactured in the United States and delivered to the Republic of Cuba to assemble tractors for the domestic market and for export) and Florida-based Florida Produce of Hillsborough County (distribution center in the Republic of Cuba featuring food and other products imported from the United States).

Much more HERE, including a list of the businesses profiting from Cuban slave labor.

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  1. If there are Cuban (OK, Cubanoid) business people willing to play into the hands of Castro, Inc., and there are, there is little point (if any) in expecting non-Cubans to be above that. It’s “just business,” after all.

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