Editor of Castro propaganda rag Granma gets fired (“liberated”) from his post

Outgoing editor (center) and incoming editor (left)

It’s the official paper of Castrogonia’s Communist Party, and it’s the only source of printed news for Cubans on the island.

And now it has a new chief editor.

Pelayo Terry has been “liberated” from his position due to “errors” he supposedly committed.

What a fun place to live, Castrogonia.  So unpredictable.  Every minute is ripe with the potential for surprises!

And every word uttered or printed is equally ripe with the potential for disgrace, imprisonment, or execution.

And “liberation” or “freedom” means only one thing: getting fired from your job.

From Marti Noticias:

The director of the newspaper Granma de Cuba, Pelayo Terry, was dismissed “in response to errors committed in the fulfillment of his responsibilities” and will be replaced at the moment by Oscar Sánchez, until now deputy director of that newspaper, the most important on the island.

The decision today occupies a space on the iconic red and black cover of the newspaper, where a brief note indicates that the leadership of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC, the only legal party) “decided to free Pelayo Pelayo Terry (“decidió liberar como director”) from his position as editor of the Granma newspaper.”

2 thoughts on “Editor of Castro propaganda rag Granma gets fired (“liberated”) from his post”

  1. Evidently, Pelayo wasn’t a good enough house Negro, and Massah Castro expects all black Cubans to be extra good–or else. The idea is that they owe their personhood to the “revolution,” and must therefore support it unconditionally and unquestioningly. It is not clear to what or to whom prominent black Cubans owed their personhood before 1959, or if they were even actual persons. What is very clear is that Massah Castro hates all wayward slaves, but most especially black ones, who are supposed to revere Massah as if he were Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela all rolled into one.

  2. Do note the various, uh, artistic renderings of Martí behind these, uh, “journalists.” So creative, no? Not to mention dignified and respectful–especially the setting, right smack in the middle of Disinformation Central, aka Lies-R-Us, an outfit fully devoted to everything Martí abhorred and spent his life fighting. Well, maybe it’s not as obscene as it looks. Maybe it’s just, you know, ironic.

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