Bolivia’s president Evo Morales wants to get rid of ‘democracy’ since it impedes his ability to rule for life

Evo Morales and his mentor Cuba’s Raul Castro.

Evo Morales sees democracy and the rule of law in Bolivia as a bourgeois practice standing between him and his dream to be Bolivia’s dictator for life. Constitutions ensuring the rule of law, term limits, and free and fair elections are nothing more than an impediment to what he claims is his right to rule as a dictator for as long as he pleases. So like his mentors in Cuba the Castros, Morales wants to get rid of the constitution and free elections to create a pathway for him to install a totalitarian government that will keep him and his cronies in power for ever and ever.

Karina Martin in PanAm Post:

Bolivian President Proposes Eliminating Pesky “Western Democracy” Blocking His Illegal Reelection Bid

Bolivian President Evo Morales criticized “western democracy” this week during a speech, and talked about the possibility of replacing it with a “communal democracy.”

Morales explained that he considers majorities and minorities a problem, because one group always ends up “resentful, even though most of them are in the right.”

He said the country would be better off without voting systems in place, but rather a system in which a unanimous consensus is reached, as is the practice in rural areas of the country, where an election must be won with 50 or 60 percent of the vote. However, Morales acknowledged there are a lot of obstacles to fulfilling such a dream.

Morales made the comments during his criticisms of the opposition, claiming that they have no moral ground to stand on for accusing him of trying to remain in power without term limits. He spoke about former President Hugo Banzer Suárez, who created a law establishing a dictatorship until 1980 that violated the Constitution.

Despite these criticisms, Morales continues to push for unconstitutional reelection with the support of his Movement to Socialism party.

Morales began his first term in 2006, the second in 2010 and won a third term in 2015. Now, he wants to run again, despite laws established in the constitution saying he can’t. In February 2016, a popular referendum resulted in an overwhelming disapproval of Morales’ reelection campaign.

The issue has sparked controversy and criticism even at the international level. The attempt to “install a dictatorship” has been denounced by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of American States.

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  1. Evo Morales is quite worthless, but he represents Latrine-ness ad absurdum, even if that’s redundant. As long as anybody at all like him can be a head of state, there’s little hope for real progress. Lord have mercy.

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