They write letters… – China and Cuba are not comparable

It rarely ever fails; get into a discussion on the Cuban embargo and someone is bound to bring up China.

“We trade with China’s communist regime, so why can’t we trade with Cuba?”

Comparing China with Cuba is ridiculous on so many levels. From economics to politics to national security, Cuba has absolutely nothing in common with China. Besides, when did one-policy-fits-all become a viable option when crafting U.S. foreign policy?

But here we are once again, having to explain why China and Cuba are not the same thing.

Via the News & Record:

China and Cuba are not comparable cases

Regarding the letter, “Why are Cuba, China not treated the same” (Chuck Mann, Nov. 11):

Cuba and China are economically very different.

The points in the letter are obsolete. China’s economy is by its own admission a Chinese form of capitalism.

The state and the military no longer hold equity positions in manufacturing, hospitality, floating of their currency, etc.

These businesses are owned by private citizens/corporations of China.

The same cannot be said for Cuba, where the central government controls all levels of the economy.

Much of the change in China has occurred in the last five years, and the U.S. should continue to encourage this evolution.

In fact, China has a growing middle class, while ours continues to shrink. Cuba has no middle class!

This can be easily confirmed with an internet search.

Michael Lopez


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