Castro dictatorship is using ‘electroshock’ to torture political prisoners in Cuba

This is the same inhumane and brutally repressive dictatorship we are expected to believe will “reform” itself. The same vile and corrupt regime we are expected to believe had nothing to do with the attacks on U.S. diplomats in Cuba.

This is Cuba’s Castro dictatorship. This is what they do. This is what they will always do.

Edwin Mora in Breitbart:

Anti-Castro Dissidents: Cuban Regime Using ‘Electroshock’ on Political Prisoners

WASHINGTON, DC — The totalitarian communist regime in Cuba continues to carry out human rights abuses and atrocities against the opposition, including “electroshock torture” on political prisoners for daring to speak out against the regime, revealed Luís Zúñiga, an anti-Castro dissident who spent 19 years behind bars.

“Brutal realities had and continue to be occurring in Cuba each and every day,” declared Cuban-American Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), the chairwoman of a House foreign affairs panel.

“Abuse and repression that is still being committed in Castro’s Cuba,” she stressed.

Her comments came during a discussion at the U.S. Capitol Tuesday hosted by Justice Cuba.

During the event, Ernesto Diaz Rodriguez, an anti-communist advocate who spent 22 years as a regularly tortured political prisoner, during the event, accused “diabolic figures sick with power” within the Cuban regime of depriving anti-Castro people in Cuba of the “liberty without stains that is given to us by God.”

“Freedom in Cuba one day just fell through our fingers and was turned into prison and concentration camps,” he acknowledged.

Zúñiga highlighted the plight of Daniel Llorente, a fellow dissident who has been sent to Havana’s notorious mental institution Mazorra this year for running into the island nation’s communist May Day parade waving an American flag and allegedly yelling, “freedom for Cuba!”

Zúñiga described Llorente “a Cuban dissident” who was “beaten” before his arrest.

“He has been continuously subjected to electro shock” torture at the Mazorra facility, declared Zúñiga on Tuesday.

“Protesters are still being tortured with electro shocks now in 2017,” noted the dissident. “Trying to stop the torture Daniel Llorente engaged in a hunger strike. His family hasn’t heard from him in some time. We have no new information on the case.”

Zúñiga said there is a long list of political prisoners who find themselves in Llorente’s precarious predicament.

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