Sonic attack in Cuba’s political prisons?

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Armando Valladares saw it all in Cuba’s political prisons.  He wrote about it in “Against All Hope,” an international bestseller that should be required reading in any freshman class.

Reinaldo Arenas wrote his story in “Before Night Falls: A Memoir.”

In both cases, they relate the horrors and torture of Castro’s prisons.  I believe everything because their stories are similar to what my father’s late cousin told me and what many other political prisoners have said.

So is anyone surprised that the Castro regime would use “sonic attacks” on prisoners?   I am not surprised at all.

This story confirms that Cuba’s communist regime was perfectly capable of using this technology against its enemies, or the Cuban political prisoners.

Did they use it against U.S. diplomats?  Did someone give the order to target U.S. diplomats?  We don’t know for sure, but they had the capabilities to do it.

As some have speculated, the attack on U.S. diplomats may have come from a third country.  By the way, North Korea is sending a delegation to Cuba to renew old relations.  Russia has been talking to Cuba, too.  North Korea and Russia were the two countries that immediately came to mind as potential sources of these attacks on U.S. diplomats.

We will wait for the U.S. to present its report on the sonic attack.  Let’s not forget that Castro’s Cuba had lots of experience engaging in these attacks.

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