Most loathsome quote of the day, from Puerto Rican terrorist

Two murderers visit their mentor

Oscar Lopez Rivera, the unrepentant murderer freed by former White House Occupant Obama, visited Fidel Castro’s Flintstone-style burial site yesterday, along with a handful of drooling Castronoids.

One of these Castronoids was Fernando Gonzalez, one of the so-called Cuban 5, whose spying in the U.S. led to the murder of several Cuban exiles on a Brothers to the Rescue mission.

Lopez Rivera shared a prison cell in the U.S. with Fernando Gonzalez for four years.

From a Castronoid news outlet we refuse to link up to Babalu:

As he placed a bouquet on Fidel Castro’s tomb in Santiago de Cuba, Puerto Rican independence leader, Oscar Lopez Rivera said he hopes “Fidel gives me the strength and inspiration he always has in our fight for Puerto Rican independence,” adding, “I’ll follow his example until my last breath.”

2 thoughts on “Most loathsome quote of the day, from Puerto Rican terrorist”

  1. Most people in Puerto Rico do not want an independent state, which has been shown time and again and is as true now as it was while the FALN was actively perpetrating terrorist acts–and this grandstanding SOB knows it perfectly well. However, the real goal was not independence as such but Puerto Rico as a Marxist state like Cuba, where it wouldn’t matter what the people actually wanted. The same ploy, of course, was used by the Castro bastards, who only focused on restoring constitutional democracy until they seized power, and then promptly forgot the constitution and installed a totalitarian dictatorship.

    It is truly appalling how much support this glorified criminal received towards getting a pardon, and not just from predictable sources like José Serrano and the rest of the Congressional Hackspanic Caucus. Other supporters included Coretta Scott King, Desmond Tutu, New York’s Cardinal John O’Connor, Jimmy Carter, Bernie Sanders, Ricky Martin, the UN, the United Methodist Church, the Episcopal Church of Puerto Rico and the Catholic Archbishop of San Juan. Obama simply had nothing to lose by pardoning him.

    Obviously, given he’s still claiming Fidel Castro as inspiration and role model, he’s no better today than before going to prison, only now he’s an old man who has to content himself with riding on parade floats and making propaganda trips like this one. Let him follow his idol, then, and wind up in the same place.

  2. They know Puerto Pobre is no longer of interest to USA. After all, the place has shot itself in the foot as an economically inept and corrupt welfare-state – one ripe for socialist picking. The decolonization “cantaleta” at the U.N. will soon take place… I do not give it more than two presidential terms as an American territory.

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