Most idiotic quote of the day

From the moronic Canadian aristocrat who praised Fidel Castro as a “remarkable leader” beloved by his people.

Yes, Justin Trudeau, Prime minister of Canada, who is rumored to be the love child of Fidel and Margaret Trudeau.

Photogenic Justin has just suggested that King Raul can help solve the North Korean crisis.

After all, King Raul is such a great diplomat and humanitarian, just like his older brother, Justin’s alleged father.

Yes, when the surname “Castro” is mentioned, it’s impossible NOT to think immediately of Ghandi and Mother Teresa.

great humanitarians

From The National Observer

Justin Trudeau says Canada could play a key role in defusing the tense global standoff with the North Korean regime by working with Cuba, a course of action the prime minister says he discussed with Cuban President Raul Castro when the two men met in Havana last year.

“I’ve had surprising conversations with places you wouldn’t expect, including places like Cuba, where they actually have… decent diplomatic relations with the North Korean regime,” Trudeau said Thursday in response to a question about the threat of nuclear war posed after an unrelated speech in Charlottetown.

“And can we pass along messages through surprising conduits? There hasn’t been huge amount of discussion around that, but it was a topic of conversation when I met President Raul Castro last year.”

Yes, please, involve King Raul !

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  1. I’d hate Justin more, but he’s too much of an airhead, not to say too stupid, and one has to make certain allowances for the feeble-minded. And no, he’s not Fidel’s son, even if his mother was not above that sort of, uh, indiscretion. He’s just not vulgar and sleazy enough, and while he’s certainly full of it, I expect he’s sincere enough, meaning he really doesn’t have a fucking clue. Basically, I kind of pity the fool.

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