Miami restaurant owner posts pic on Instagram posing as Fidel Castro in honor of his death

For Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, who owns Nusr-et Steakhouse in Miami, it appears the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro moved him enough that he felt the need to pay tribute to the murderous tyrant on Instagram. The chef posed with a beret, a cigar, and a photo of Fidel in the background in an apparent attempt to emulate the communist tyrant who led the apartheid regime that destroyed a nation and enslaved millions.

It took a while for Miamians to come across the post from November of last year, but that did not make it any less insulting or offensive. The Turkish restaurant owner is learning that while celebrating Marxist murderers may be considered cool and trendy in New York City, that is not the case in Miami.

Let’s just say that Gökçe is learning the hard way that honoring Cuban dictators in South Florida is pretty much a bad idea.

Carlos Frias has the report in The Miami Herald:

‘Salt Bae’ caught posing as Fidel Castro — and he just opened a Miami restaurant

“Salt Bae” has sprinkled some salt in old Cuban wounds — by posing as Fidel Castro.

The Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, who found fame as a meme for sprinkling salt with a flourish on steaks, backed into new notoriety when Miami Instagrammers eager to know about his new Brickell restaurant discovered a photo of him emulating the late Cuban dictator.

In a post four days after Castro’s death last November, Gökçe posted of a photo of himself wearing a black beret with the logo of his restaurant, Nusr-et Steakhouse, and smoking a cigar. In the background is a black-and-white photo of Castro smoking a cigar.

Most of the 1,945 comments — in Spanish and English — are unprintable here.

“I thought you were pretty damn cool until I saw this,” one of the few G-rated commenters wrote.

The steakhouse chef posted a note in Turkish seeming to equate what he does at his restaurant with Castro’s Cuban revolution.

“Sen’de et’de devrim yapt?n ded? (Bugün Ankara nusrettey?z,” he wrote.

Google Translate roughly converts that to: “They said you started a revolution, too.”

It took Miami a year to discover the post, but soon thereafter, a screenshot was shared hundreds of times on Facebook.

“This is the kiss of death in Miami,” Carlos A. Navarro posted on Facebook with a screenshot of Gökçe next to his now-famous meme of himself, wearing a white T-shirt and dark sunglasses, sprinkling salt.

“Stupid and ignorant anywhere in the world … but beyond disrespectful and a slap in the face to Cubans in Miami,” Navarro wrote.

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1 thought on “Miami restaurant owner posts pic on Instagram posing as Fidel Castro in honor of his death”

  1. Maybe this is just, uh, Turkish irony. Besides, this is absolutely nothing compared to the blithely jovial photos of “His Holiness” with Nosferatu or his brother, live and in the flesh, or of the POTUS happily doing the wave at a Havana baseball game next to his delighted host, a bloody dictator who likes to dress up in military costume. Whatever this guy’s pretensions, or however dubious his IQ, he’s not running around as the titular Vicar of Christ or the leader of the free world. In other words, no cigar, even if he’s a jerk with shitty judgment and delusions of coolness, or whatever. The competition is FAR too fierce to get excited over such very small potatoes, no matter how much salt you sprinkle on them.

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