Venezuela’s dictatorship reshaping Supreme Court to look more like communist Cuba’s corrupt ‘justice’ system

As the communist Castro dictatorship transforms its colony Venezuela into another Cuba, the similarities between the two grow. Venezuelans now have the same repression, misery, starvation, and lack of medical care Cubans have been suffering through for decades.

Now, Venezuelans will have the same “justice” system Cubans have, which is to say, the rule of law and justice are no longer present and have been replaced by rampant corruption..

Sabrina Martin reports in PanAm Post:

Venezuela’s Packed Supreme Court Looks to Replicate Cuban Socialist Justice System

The President of Venezuela’s Supreme Court traveled to Cuba this week to meet with island magistrates about obtaining “technical-professional training” on a system of dictatorial “justice.”

Critics in the international community have long said that the Supreme People’s Court of Cuba is hardly a model of judicial excellence; nevertheless, Supreme Court President Maikel Moreno traveled there to sign an agreement as part of the “third cooperative accord” establishing a training program and an open exchange of ideas between the two countries.

Despite that the Venezuelan constitution clearly states that the judicial system must be politically impartial, the country’s Supreme Court has consistently shown its bias toward Chavismo — the ideas originally put in place by former President Hugo Chavez and that are now backed by President Nicolás Maduro — which bear resemblance to Raúl Castro’s judicial system as well.

Pedro Toconis, an exiled magistrate of the legitimate Supreme Court, said that the Cuban justice system has nothing good to contribute to Venezuela, as its members often violate human rights.

According to Cuban lawyer Nelson Rodríguez Chartrand, judges in Cuba have become “soldiers of the revolution” to the point that President of the Cuban Supreme Court, Rubén Remigio Ferro, was once an active member of the Union of Young Communists (UJC) — an organization led by Fidel Castro.

Venezuela’s legitimate legislative body, the National Assembly, dismissed members of the Supreme Court yet continue to serve. The opposition has pointed out that most of them have no qualifications beyond supporting the Maduro regime: They lack the 15 years of experience as a judge, 15 years of academic experience as a full professor of law or the 15 years of proven professional law practice experience.

In fact, most of the Supreme Court’s members are former ministers, former congressmen, defeated candidates and Chavez militants. Moreno himself is a criminal and a confessed ex-convict, having been found guilty of homicide in 1989.

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