Dictator Raul Castro’s economic ‘reforms’ destroying the hopes and dreams of the Cuban people

When Cuba’s dictator Raul Castro announced his apartheid regime was going to make substantial economic reforms, the media, the left, and academia in the U.S. was elated. After more than a half-century of poverty and misery, Cuba would finally stop being the perfect example of what comes from communist and socialist economic policies.

Unfortunately for them — and especially for the Cuban people — the apartheid Castro dictatorship had and continues to have no intention on making any real economic reforms. Their primary and solitary goal is to remain in power and allowing the freedoms necessary to bring about economic progress will threaten that hold on power.

In the end, after much fanfare and lots of congratulations from their supporters in the U.S., the Cuban regime’s economic reforms have done nothing of substance to help the Cuban people. Instead, they have served only to keep them enslaved and quash any hopes and dreams they may have had.

Elena Toledo in PanAm Post:

Castro’s Shallow Economic Reforms Keep Suppressing the Dreams of Cubans

Following the economic and immigration openings between the United States and Cuba during the Obama administration, the Raúl Castro regime reportedly began timid economic reforms that placed more responsibility in the hands of private entities — but have they worked? It doesn’t look like it, as 2017 comes to a close as the island’s second straight year of recession.

“There is little hope that the country’s economy ends 2017 with a ‘positive growth,’” Cuban Economist Pavel Vidal said, predicting that the year will finish out with as little as -1.4 percent growth in Gross Domestic Product.

Another factor that has hurt the Cuban economy — and in turn has prevented Castro’s limited reforms from blossoming — is a lack of foreign investment. On the other hand, Cuba intends to develop a Special Zone of Economic Development, specifically in the province of Mariel, 28 miles west of the capital of Havana. With this project, the island’s regime hopes to attract sustainable foreign investments as well as manufacturing and technology.

Though Economic Zones are intended to attract foreign capital, a US company has already been rejected from the project, while three more projects are reportedly in “advanced negotiation” stages.

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