December 17, 2014–a date which will live in INFAMY! (U.S. President Obama surrendered unconditionally to Cuban dictator Raul Castro’s hostage-taking.)

“I just L-O-V-E (!!!) “negotiating” with this guy!” (Raul Castro must be thinking.)

The Fake News Media hails it as an “opening!” as a “diplomatic milestone!”  In fact it was a humiliating U.S. surrender to terrorist regime that had kidnapped a U.S. hostage named Alan Gross and offered to exchange him upon the  freeing and return to Cuba of multi-convicted Castroite spy/terrorist/murderer (of American citizens) Gerardo Hernandez.

(Above: Cuban spy/murderer (of U.S. citizens) Gerardo Hernandez warmly greeting his Commander-in-Chief  Raul Castro after his  full pardon and prompt release by Obama on Dec. 16, 2014.)

And it worked like a CHARM!…..”We WON THE WAR!” (Raul Castro exclaimed on Dec. 20, 2014.)

(Top left: Patty Hearst or “Tania,” Her Symbionese Liberation Army name taken from Che Guevara’s East German mistress Tamara “Tania” Bunke, who was actually a KGB spy sent to keep an eye on the idiot!)  Top right: Alan Gross in his lawyers office in Miami upon his release.)

Alas! Similar to Patty Hearst with her kidnappers Alan Gross seemed to develop (a type of) crush on his kidnappers–though on a different level than Hearst’s.

Once free upon Obama’s surrender to his kidnappers, Alan Gross quickly joined the ranks of Castro’s (unregistered) U.S. agents in calling for an end to the (so-called) Cuban embargo.

Oh, I know…I know the liberal/libertarian mantra has it that “the embargo is the Castro regime’s best friend because it gives them an excuse…blah…blah…blah)–Despite this  Ana Belen Montes, Carlos and Elsa Alvarez and Kendall and Gwendolyn Myers (all convicted Castroite spies) worked tirelessly to influence U.S. policy AGAINST the “embargo”– while working as secret agents. Interesting no?…. If that doesn’t close the case against the Castroite/libertarian mantra I don’t know what does.

In fact, Alan Gross started chanting the Castro/KGB-crafted critique of the (so-called) embargo perfectly on cue almost upon his release.,

More recently he has taken to bashing Trump’s Cuba policy and even comparing Trump to Fidel Castro! ( question: would Castro have tried his little hostage stunt with Trump in the White House? Puh-LEEZE! No JODAS!)

Alas! Alan Gross made out much better than did Patty Hearst, as revealed in above  headline:

In fact, amigos: there ARE historical precedents for the events of Dec. 16, 2014.



Hopefully a few folks will notice that the U.S. role has been reversed.


“I read Humberto’s book in two sittings. I could NOT put it down!”  (Radio and FoxNews superstar Mark Levin)

Castro is considered lovable by many celebrities–but the fact is the Cuban people are suffering. It’s well worth reading a book by Humberto Fontova, who lists all the facts–and also footnotes them!” (Radio Superstar Dennis Prager.)

“Humberto is the REAL McCoy!–and when he and his lifelong blood-brothers unite for this voracious tooth, fang and claw orgy of righteous predator “killin and grillin” in his NEW CHRISTMAS ISSUE book!– they prove their is NO party like a BAYOU party!” (Ted Nugent.)

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  1. It’s interesting how the house Negro dutifully trotted out for Obama’s visit looked rather, uh, disengaged from the whole business, at least in the photos I’ve seen. Maybe he knows he’s just a token who, unlike Obama, has never had any real power and never will. His predecessor as head house Negro, Juam Almeida, was much better at this sort of thing.

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