President Trump’s National Security strategy aims to isolate rogue communist dictatorships in Cuba and Venezuela

After eight years of Obama’s policy of coddling, appeasing, and effectively surrendering to Cuba’s dictatorship and its puppet regime in Venezuela, President Trump is looking to isolate both of those dangerous rogue, communist regimes. For decades, Cuba’s Castro dictatorship has been a State Sponsor of Terror and has diligently worked to undermine democracy and American interests throughout the world.

The destabilizing influence of the Castro regime, particularly in Latin America, presents a serious threat to U.S. national security. Obama’s policy of embracing and supporting the corrupt Cuban regime only served to embolden them further and increase the threat.

The Castro regime will never waver from its mission of destroying the U.S. As long as they are allowed, they will continue to support terrorists groups and continue their efforts to topple democratic governments in Latin America. The only effective way to deal with the Castros and their puppet regime in Venezuela and protect U.S. national security is to isolate them.

Ben Kew in Breitbart:

Trump National Security Strategy Pledges to ‘Isolate’ Cuba and Venezuela

The Trump administration’s National Security Strategy (NSS) has pledged to further isolate rogue left-wing dictatorships in both Venezuela and Cuba and blamed powers such as China and Russia for helping them survive.

The document, published on Monday, calls out both Russia and China for their providing of financial assistance to both regimes.

“In Venezuela and Cuba, governments cling to anachronistic leftist authoritarian models that continue to fail their people,” the document reads. “Competitors have found operating space in the hemisphere. China seeks to pull the region into its orbit through state-led investments and loans. Russia continues its failed politics of the Cold War by bolstering its radical Cuban allies as Cuba continues to repress its citizens.”

“Both China and Russia support the dictatorship in Venezuela and are seeking to expand military linkages and arms sales across the region,” it continues. “The hemisphere’s democratic states have a shared interest in confronting threats to their sovereignty.

In October, Russia offered a $3 billion debt restructuring package to Venezuela on its debt, while China has also shown patience with Nicolás Maduro’s socialist regime, which has defaulted on a number of its debts totaling a hefty $190 billion.

Cuba has also been the beneficiary of strong trading and financial relationships with both countries. China recently became its communist ally’s largest trading partner with Russia now sending oil shipments to Cuba as Venezuela fails to meet its needs.

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