Social Dangerousness: Cuban dissident who complained about fake “elections” sentenced to 3 years in prison

Alexander Portal Guerra & Mitzael Díaz Paseiro

This is what the  Normalization Circus” overlooked: the flagrant violation of basic human rights in Castrogonia.

Dissident Mitzael Díaz Paseiro –father of two young children — complained about Castrogonia’s phony one-party “elections” a bit too loudly, and, as a result, was slapped with a three-year prison sentence after a perfunctory kangaroo court trial.

Alexander Portal Guerra, another young Cuban who dared to complain about the “elections” was sentenced to five months of slave labor.

Because he is refusing to attend the political indoctrination sessions required of all political prisoners — to “straighten out” their faulty thinking — Díaz Paseiro is being subjected to all sorts of punishments and threats and his wife is constantly harassed by the Castronoid authorities.

Aaaaah… the wonders of Castrogonia….

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Cuban political prisoner Mitzael Díaz Paseiro, from the National Front of Civic Resistance Orlando Zapata Tamayo (FNRCOZT), received his wife’s first visit to the jail in Santa Clara on Monday, where he is serving a three-year prison sentence for the crime of “social dangerousness.”

Arianna López Roque, wife of Díaz Paseiro, said in the program Cuba al Día, by Radio Martí, that the prison authorities of “La Pendiente”– as the prison is known– continue to deny her husband the medications he needs for his heart disease, and they do not allow him access to clothes and blankets with which to keep warm.

She added that, among other reprisals,  Díaz Paseiro is denied the right to telephone anyone other than his wife, and that those phone calls are all monitored by a guard. Díaz Paseiro  is also isolated in the prison “so that he can not know what is happening with other prisoners and denounce other abuses” he said.

Last week, through a call to his wife Díaz Paseiro reported that they had threatened to take his his right to be visited by his wife if he continued to refuse the political indoctrination that they require of all prisoners.

“As a ‘plantado’ prisoner, he insists on his basic human rights and refuses to be subjected to the indoctrination program they want to impose on him,” López Roque said in an audio that was released by the Cuban Democratic Directorate.

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  1. I need not tell anyone here that nobody cares about human rights in Cuba, certainly not the usual suspects (despite their outrageously inflated pretensions to righteousness). And it’s NOT out of ignorance–they know perfectly well this shit goes on routinely and has for nearly 60 years. Of course, when even “His Holiness,” the titular Vicar of Christ, not only plays dumb but plays along with Castro, Inc., well, what can one possibly expect from less exalted quarters, especially on the left?

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