Two Cuban refugees come ashore on Hollywood Beach, FL

Two men, believed to be Cuban refugees, came ashore yesterday on Hollywood Beach. One was apprehended and the other one is still at large. Nevertheless, as bad as their situation may be here, it is still infinitely better than their situation in apartheid Cuba.

Since Obama rescinded the “wet foot/dry foot” policy, the number of Cubans throwing themselves into the sea in an attempt to reach the U.S. has drastically dropped. The misery, poverty, and repression in Cuba, however, has remained the same and the desperation of Cubans looking to escape a life of oppression and slavery continues. With no future on the island and a tyrannical regime that seems more entrenched than ever, Cubans are still willing to risk their lives to escape, even if it means being arrested if they are lucky enough to reach the U.S.

South Florida’s Local 10 News the report:

2 migrants come ashore Hollywood Beach

1 taken into custody, 1 got away, authorities say

Two migrants, believed to be from Cuba, came ashore Hollywood Beach Tuesday morning, authorities said.

A Local 10 News viewer filmed police taking one of the men into custody after they reached shore in the area of Iris Terrace and Ocean Drive, just north of the Diplomat.

Hollywood police said an officer saw the migrants come ashore about 8 a.m. in a blue raft that was later towed away.

Authorities said the officer was able to apprehend one of the migrants, but the other got away.

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