Shocking! Fodor’s Travel places Cuba on its list of places NOT to visit

Yes, finally, some authority in the travel industry is advising American tourists to AVOID Cuba in 2018.

And it’s Fodor’s, a kingpin in the travel industry that has been encouraging travel to Cuba, publishing detailed travel guides to Cuba, and making money from its Cuba tours for many years.

Don’t start dancing for joy yet.

There’s a catch.

Of course, the call for a tourism boycott has nothing to do with human rights issues or the ethics of traveling to a repressive totalitarian hell-hole.

Here’s all that Fodor’s has to say:

CUBA: “Americans are still permitted to visit Cuba, but new rules from the Trump administration are complicated and the mysterious illness reported among American embassy workers in Havana is worrisome. Fodor’s urges caution.”

Awwww… travel to Cuba is suddenly inconvenient for Americans.  Tourists can’t do business with any enterprise linked to Castro, Inc.  Suddenly, enjoying the apartheid experience is too complicated.

So, the problem is really Trump and the inconveniences he has created (which include “the mysterious illness, which is entirely his fault), not the Castro regime.

Other places on the list include Mount Everest (too dangerous and expensive), the Taj Mahal (under repairs until 2019), Guatemala (too many murders), The Great Wall of China (too deteriorated) and Beijing (too much air pollution)

Oh, but Fodor does have a social conscience — albeit a highly selective one, and very politically correct.

Myanmar is on the list because it “is one of the world’s pariahs because of a violent campaign against the ethnic Rohingya minority.”

The Galapagos Islands make the list because their ecosystem is too fragile.

And the entire state of Missouri is on the list

“because of an NAACP travel advisory for the state, citing reports that blacks were more likely than whites to be stopped by law enforcement officers there, as well as other incidents and policies that raise questions about various types of discrimination.”

Yeah.  There you have it.

Forget about “various types of discrimination” in Cuba.  That has never, ever mattered to Fodor’s and never, ever will.

Nothing new here, really.  Just more of the same tiresome holier-than-thou liberal outrage ordure, which stinks to high heaven.

Read the whole thing HERE at News Chief

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3 thoughts on “Shocking! Fodor’s Travel places Cuba on its list of places NOT to visit”

  1. You gotta love the fake local color. I suppose one can’t blame the fakers, because they’re just giving a certain market what it likes and will buy, but really, this shit is demeaning, not to mention cheesy as hell.

    By 1958, Cuba was better off and more advanced and (truly) progressive than Spain, and now, nearly 60 years later, it’s trying desperately to be…what? Jamaica? Lord have mercy.

  2. Here’s a photo (taken from Baracutey Cubano blog) of Havana in 1947, showing a young woman of color who had a clerical job but came from a lower class family, and wouldn’t have been caught dead running around like a slave-era Mammy. I repeat, this was a normal Havana scene in 1947, so do the math:

    I should add that before the Castro era, the people of Havana were noted for always being limpios y bien vestidos (clean and well dressed) out in public, regardless of social class or status. It was simply the culture–which obviously ceased to exist long ago for reasons I need not explain here.

    This girl was highly probably wearing clothes copied from expensive models at upscale stores by a costurera (seamstress) who made her living from such work for women who couldn’t afford the originals. The raw materials could be obtained fairly cheaply in Havana’s “garment district,” and the costureras worked from home as freelancers with no overhead.

  3. Years ago, I used a Fodor guide. It proved disappointing and I never used one again–and if they’re openly engaging in political correctness, as they evidently are, they’re definitely not seeing any of my money.

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