Colombia’s narco-terrorist FARC planning to create Cuba-style neighborhood surveillance militias

We all know how this ends…

Felipe Hernandez in PanAm Post:

FARC’s Political Party to Deploy Network of Militias throughout Colombia

FARC presidential candidate Rodrigo Londoño, alias Timochenko, released a statement to his followers in which he calls for discipline and greater activism in the upcoming presidential campaign for 2018. Timochenko said that the guidelines for FARC policies will be made through the creation of Tactical Units of the People throughout the country that will be responsible for spreading their propaganda in which he will collect men and women from amongst the common people.

According to Londoño says in a letter:

“We are going to fill Colombia with these tactical units, whose first task will be to install the Casa de los Comunes (House of the Commoners): diffusion centers of our platform, management commands, and organization of the campaign, meeting centers for young people, women, the artists, that is, the common people.”


The main objectors to this measure in Cuba assure that the structure of the CDRs has produced structures that the state controls, besides monitoring and controlling the public and private lives of the people, and watching one’s neighbors.

A senator for the Centro Democratico party, Carlos Felipe Mejía, maintained that this measure is in the best style of the Castro regime, and asked, “Do you still believe that Castrochavismo is imaginary?”

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