Former Wisconsin mayor still proud of his love for Fidel Castro

Soglin and The Monster, 1975

Back in 1975, during one of his three visits to Castrogonia, Madison’s Mayor Paul Soglin — a Socialist — gave Fidel Castro the keys to his city.

That horrifically unethical gesture is now haunting this Cheesehead ex-mayor, forty-three years later.

Soglin is trying to run for governor of Wisconsin, and his opponents are rightfully calling attention to the ex-mayor’s blatant display of tyrannophilia.

Soglin is still proud of his good relationship with Fidel, and in 2016, when that tyrant died, Soglin praised him as  “a popular leader who inspired generations of Cubans.”

Let’s see what happens next in Cheeseheadland.

Soglin, unrepentant tyrannophile, 2018

From Granma Lite (AP), via The Washington Post:

The liberal mayor of Wisconsin’s capital who is preparing a challenge to Republican Gov. Scott Walker is defending giving a key to the city to former Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Walker is making the 1975 decision by Madison Mayor Paul Soglin an early flashpoint in his re-election campaign.

Soglin is one of more than a dozen Democrats looking to run against Walker this year.

Soglin visited Cuba three times as mayor. He presented Castro with the key to the famously liberal city of Madison 42 years ago.

Walker says on Twitter that giving a “brutal Communist dictator who violated the human rights of his own people” the key to the city is “extremism even by Madison standards.”

But Soglin says the trips taught him the value of “communication and understanding.”

Proud to be Cheeseheads

3 thoughts on “Former Wisconsin mayor still proud of his love for Fidel Castro”

  1. Oh, yes, Mr. Castro inspired generations of Cubans–to leave. What an asshole. Still, you gotta love how such aliens speak as if they had unimpeachable authority, far more than “those people.” Lord, the contempt.

  2. OK, I get it now. Soglin understands totalitarian Stalinist tyranny. He gets it. He can see beyond the evil reality to what really matters, which is what leftists want reality to be–in theory, of course. It’s amazing that anyone would think he could avoid insulting even a middling intelligence with such specious sophistry. Either he’s an idiot or an SOB. Not a good choice.

  3. All one has to do is look at Venezuela and see how “socialism” works. But the left wants no part of reality. cultism is much more fun than thinking.

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