Americans born of Cuban parents can now obtain Cuban citizenship, but only if they pass the Castro dictatorship’s political test

The apartheid Castro dictatorship has announced that children born of Cuban parents who live in other countries can now obtain Cuban citizenship. But like every single other thing in Cuba, it is subject to the whims and desires of the Cuban regime.

All applicants will be subjected to extreme vetting and if any of their parents or they themselves are found to have engaged in “counterrevolutionary” activities, their application for citizenship will be denied. Naturally, no list of activities that would be considered counterrevolutionary are provided, but we all know what they mean. Basically, if you ever posted a meme on Facebook calling for freedom in Cuba or retweeted an article critical of the Castro dictatorship, you can forget about getting approved.

Furthermore, you must also pass a history and “civics test.” In other words, you must be able to recite and repeat official Castro propaganda and communist agitprop forwards and backwards. You must show the Castro dictatorship you are a good revolutionary before they bestow upon you the privilege of becoming their slave.

By the way, Cuba’s last democratic constitution from 1940 already guaranteed citizenship to individuals born abroad to Cuban citizens.

Via The Miami Herald:

If your parents are Cuban, you may be eligible for citizenship — but there’s a catch

The children of Cubans living abroad will be able to apply for and obtain Cuban citizenship starting this week, without the need to live on the island for any length of time.

But the government will approve or reject the applicants based on political criteria.

Among the requirements: the parents cannot have committed any counterrevolutionary acts, and some applicants must pass an exam on Cuba’s political system and “national happenings.”

That indicates that they will have to be familiar with news reports by government-controlled media such as Granma, the official newspaper of the Cuban Communist Party.“When the applicants, the parents or legal representatives of minors … have committed acts or carried out actions against the political, social and economic pillars of the Cuban government, the applications will be put on file and the applicants will be notified,” said a decree published in the last Official Gazette of 2017.

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  1. This is like a serial rapist telling his victims they can hang out with him if they will officially declare that they enjoyed the rape. Alas, I expect some people will actually submit to this indignity.

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