2 thoughts on “Imagine Cuba if time travel were possible”

  1. We Cubans have to stop putting all our eggs in one basket and we have to stop relying on ONE MAN to liberate us or we risk falling AGAIN into the hands of caudillos. castro is worst than the Spanish crown that we fought during the Cuban War of Independence and if Marti has been around in 1959, he would have killed him like he did his “friend” Camilo Cienfuegos or thrown him in jail like he did his other “friend” Mario Chanes de Armas [one of the longest serving political prisoner in history].

    If each Cuban had taken on just a little bit of responsibility, castro would have been defeated. That’s what would have been needed.

  2. This is not so easy.
    In Iran thousands of citizens of all walks of life are taking to the streets in every place in the country demanding that there be a return to freedom. It is not so easy.

    And one man is responsible for the success of Castro and company and their tyranny.

    JFK could have ended it in its infancy. It would have taken one missile from that boat offshore and the Bay of Pigs could have been successful. He has a lot of blood on his hands. Why did he renege on his promise to support those brave fighters?

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