Yet more evidence that libertarian and Reason Magazine and CATO Golden Boy Jeff Flake works as (unregistered) agent for Terror-Sponsoring Castro-Regime

(Top left: Jeff Flake on one of his frequent red-carpet trips to Havana yukking it up with his good chum Bruno Rodriguez, Stalinist Cuba’s foreign minister. Apparently Rodriguez (like his boss Castro–the poor deluded FOOLS! these utter NINCOMPOOPS in the art of maintaining dictatorial power!) don’t realize that the crafty Flake is their ENEMY!–and secretly and very shrewdly trying to DESTROY their regime!–by opposing the embargo!)

Last week Cuba’s Stalinist regime once again rolled out the red carpet for its (frequent) guest of honor Jeff Flake. Recently brain-damage was confirmed on the U.S. diplomats who served in the U.S. embassy in Cuba, so to most reasonable people, the Stalinist regime’s blatant lies denying “sonic attacks” on U.S. diplomats were appearing increasingly desperate and pathetic.

“The Cuban Interior Ministry is saying the FBI has told them there is no evidence of a sonic attack, even though that term is being used, attack, there is no evidence of it… There’s no evidence that somebody purposefully tried to harm somebody….tere’s no evidence that that was a deliberate attack by somebody, either the Cubans or anybody else.” (Jeff Flake, Havana, Cuba, 1/6/2018)

Enter the ever-reliable (in these matters) Jeff Flake to embrace and parrot the Stalinist regime’s blatant lies word for word–and denounce his own government as the LIARS! …..After all! Who ever HOYD of the Castro regime lying, RIGHT?!

Jeff Flake (and Reason magazine, CATO Inst., etc.) constantly bray about how the embargo acts as “Castro’s best friend..blah…blah..blah…How “Castro secretly favors the embargo…blah…blah…blah.”

(Above: Some of libertarian Reason magazine’s frequent tributes to (unregistered) Castro agent Jeff Flake.)

“Hah!” Snort Flake and his anti-embargo cohorts with an eye-roll. “How can you right-wing Cuban-exiles (people with the most knowledge of and experience with Castroism) not comprehend our brilliant plan to end Castroism!”

Well, for starters, Flake along with all his fellow “shrewd underminers of Cuban Communism by a shower of U.S. dollars,” all get hero’s treatment in Cuba’s Communist media, limitless visas to visit the Castro’s Communist fiefdom and the red-carpet treatment upon every visit.

(Seems that Jeff. Flake hasn’t completed all of his required  paperwork)

I guess those Castros are just too ‘FREAKIN DUMB to see through Flake’s devilishly shrewd scheme to oust them!

Gosh? I guess those Castros qualify as total NINCOMPOOPS in the art of maintaining dictatorial power! (Over twice as long as Stalin, four times as long as Hitler and even longer than Kim Il Sung.) Guess those poor deluded Cuban Communist fools have no idea what the brilliantly crafty Jeff Flake and his Reason and CATO cohorts are up too!

I apologize for insulting your intelligence with this issue, amigos. But that idiotic “the Castros secretly favor the embargo” meme pops up often and demands a response. So here it is:

If Castro “secretly favors the embargo,” then why did Castro’s secret agents in the U.S. ALL secretly and obsessively campaign AGAINST the U.S. embargo while working as secret agents?

Castro managed the deepest and most damaging penetration of the U.S. Department of Defense in recent U.S. history. The spy’s name is Ana Belen Montes, known as “Castro’s Queen Jewel” in the intelligence community. In 2002 she was convicted of the same crimes as Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, and today she serves a 25-year sentence in Federal prison. Only a plea bargain spared her from sizzling in the electric chair like the Rosenbergs.

(Top left: Convicted of working for Castro regime–part of their job was influencing U.S. officials AGAINST  the U.S. embargo of Cuba. Any more questions about whose side Jeff Flake is on?)

Prior to her visit from the FBI and handcuffing, Ana Belen Montes worked tirelessly to influence U.S. foreign policy AGAINST the embargo. The same holds for more recently arrested, convicted and incarcerated Cuban spies Carlos and Elsa Alvarez and Kendall and Gwendolyn Myers. All of these worked tirelessly to influence U.S. policy AGAINST the “embargo,” while working as secret agents… Duuuuhhhh?!


“I read Fontova’s book in two sittings. I couldn’t put it down!” (Radio and Fox News  superstar Mark Levin.)

Castro is considered lovable by many celebrities–but the fact is the Cuban people are suffering. It’s well worth reading a book by Humberto Fontova, who lists all the facts–and also footnotes them!” (Radio Superstar Dennis Prager.)

“Humberto is the REAL McCoy!–and when he and his lifelong blood-brothers unite for this voracious tooth, fang and claw orgy of righteous predator “killin and grillin” in his NEW CHRISTMAS ISSUE book!– they prove their is NO party like a BAYOU party!” (Ted Nugent)

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  1. There are only two possible explanation for Flake’s chronic and very overt Cuba fixation: either he has a mental disorder, as Herbert Matthews may have had, or he’s got a doozy of an ulterior motive. I suppose one could postulate that he’s a classic useful idiot, but I find that rather less likely.

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