Chile’s president Michelle Bachelet visits Cuba, ignores dissidents and disregards human rights atrocities

For nearly six decades, the Cuban people have been enslaved by a brutally repressive and murderous dictatorship that is a serial human rights violator and has committed countless crimes against humanity. It is not a matter of opinion, but a well documented fact. One would think a world leader, especially one from a nation that has richly enjoyed the benefits of democracy and freedom, would at a minimum bring up the subject and offer a little support to Cuba’s besieged dissidents.

That would be the right and decent thing to do. But during her visit to communist Cuba, Chile’s Michelle Bachelet made it clear as day she has no interest in doing the right and decent thing.

Sabrina Martin in PanAm Post:

Chilean President Bachelet Ignores Cuban Opposition, Human Rights Concerns During Havana Visit

Criticism of Chilean President Michelle Bachelet continues following a recent trip to Cuba to meet with Cuban dictator Raúl Castro.

Bachelet’s visit to Cuba, which ended on Monday, January 8, caused public outcry from both sides of the aisle due to the seeming pointlessness of the trip. Some demanded that she reject human rights violations on the island — something she ultimately neglected to do.

President-elect Sebastián Piñera criticized Bachelet for not meeting with the Cuban dissidents, saying that if he were to travel to Cuba, he would not have hesitated to schedule the meeting. “I would meet with the opposition and with the Cubans who are struggling to recover their own freedom, democracy and the rule of law,” he said.

Piñera, who will take office in March 2018, recalled his trip to Cuba during the Celac summit in 2014. He took the opportunity to meet with opposition leaders such as Berta Soler, a member of the Ladies in White. Piñera compared the absence of freedom in Venezuela with the situation in Cuba: “In Cuba there is no democracy, there are no freedoms, and there is no respect for human rights.”

Bachelet held a meeting with Castro under the guise of strengthening ties between the two countries in health, culture and the economy, among other things. With only a few months remaining in her term, it seems that she didn’t mind the criticism that resulted from such a one-sided visit.

Cuban opposition leader Rosa María Payá asked Bachelet to do the right thing and meet with the opposition during her trip to the island, but that request was completely ignored.

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3 thoughts on “Chile’s president Michelle Bachelet visits Cuba, ignores dissidents and disregards human rights atrocities”

  1. She is as shameless as the rest of Latrine America’s izquierda, a.k.a izmierda, but checks and balances (mostly by a military that is still vastly rightist and pro-Pinochet) make her seem moderate. Today she parades as a democratically elected leader of a solid market economy thanks to all the communist filth Gen. Pinochet eliminated before Chile became another Cuba – which is what Chile would have become had it been for USSR admirers like her and Allende.

    The woman is not worth anything and, of course, her silent last-minute visit to Castrolandia only illustrates how much she owes Castro Inc. who now loses another tool.

  2. The trip was pointless, but evidently not to Bachelet. I expect she did it partly out of spite, meaning she wanted to stick it to a certain crowd, but the bottom line is that the woman is a fellow traveler who clearly harbors positive feelings for the Castro “revolution,” even at this extremely late stage.

    She is what she is and acted accordingly, but the real problem here is that enough Chileans would want somebody like her as president, especially given their historical experience. People who nearly fell into the abyss of totalitarian communism/socialism should never go anywhere near a politician who leans in that direction even slightly, but we’re talking about Latrine America, after all.

    And yes, I’m aware Cubans may also prove that stupid. Lord knows they’ve been stupid enough already.

  3. And by the way, that’s a mighty fine good Negro behind Massah Raúl, no? Who knows what his unofficial functions might include.

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