Tribute to Talking Heads band offering fans a propaganda tour to Cuba

It’s one thing for artists to travel to Cuba for the purpose of entertaining, quite another join with the repressive apartheid dictatorship on a State controlled tour of Havana.

For $2,575, fans will attend two live performances by Start Making Sense in Havana, as well as a tour of the historic city and local museums. Included on the itinerary are the standard carefully constructed potemkin village sites:

• City tour of Old Havana (No doubt carefully chosen locales out of view of communist ruins just around the corner)
• Tour of Hemingway Museum
• Tour of Regla Church and Museum
• Afro-Cuban ritual dancing
• Cooking class
• Farewell reception at Santa Isabel Hotel
• Evening entertainment and show at Havana Jazz Cafe
• Amistur/ICAP Cuba travel orientation meeting
• United States and Cuban departure taxes
• Two bottles of water per person, per day
• Full escort by tour director

Band front man Jonathan Braun says of the tour, “The full history of Cuban music is filled with some of the most beautiful compositions and rhythms, which, due to its strength, has influenced music around the globe. Getting closer to that place may give us all a better understanding of Talking Heads’ music, the music that inspired it, and music in general.”

I contend that enabling the brutal dictatorship that denies Cuban artists freedom of expression is a callous dismissal of the human rights atrocities suffered by the Cuban people, including musicians.

Understand this Mr. Braun:

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  1. This sort of collaboration is disgusting but commonplace, since it’s very easy to find entertainment people who’ll play along with Castro, Inc. and the regime naturally exploits that. If the Rolling Stones would do it, you bet these far lesser lights would. Cue the local color, such as it is.

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